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Keywords: Roofing, snow removal, Eavestroughs

New Roofs & Reroofs

portion of our website you will see we install a very broad range of roofing products. We are constantly looking at new innovative ways to provide you with a durable, energy efficient and attractive long lasting low maintenance roof. 

Soffit, Fascia and Eavestroughs

Despite our name, roofing is not all we do at Ellerslie Roofing, we also install and replace fascia, soffits, and eavestroughs. Fascia and soffits can get pretty beat up and battered over time, replacing these can help spruce up your homes appearance. As eavestroughs get old, they begin to rust, bend and even break. You may notice water dripping from them during rain or during the spring thaw. This can cause very dangerous ice build up that will not only cause added stress on your troughs, but it can produce icicles that could fall and injure someone, or even produce ice buildup on your sidewalks and driveway which is a very major slipping hazard.

Repairs Our experienced service department can repair not only your roof, but all aspects of your home's exterior. Whether its fascia, soffit, siding or eavestroughs we repair it all. Snow Removal

We offer residential snow removal for sidewalks and driveways. We have a per removal rate and a monthly rate. We also, of course, offer snow removal from your roof. During our long Alberta winters your roof can accumulate a lot of snow. Although snow may look very pretty and festive on your roof, what people don't realize is that it can actually become very harmful. First of all, if you've ever shoveled snow, which I'm sure you have, you know it is not always as light and fluffy as it looks. Months of snow build up can turn into a hundreds or even thousands of pounds of excess weight that your roof has to support until spring. Which leads me to my next point; spring. In the early days of spring as the snow melts and freezes near the eaves, it dams and can back its way up under your shingles or tile causing water damage and leaks. Although it may not always be necessary to clear off your entire roof, it is highly recommended to have the first few feet of your eaves cleared.  This way the water has somewhere to go as the snow melts.

Keywords: Eavestroughs, Roofing, snow removal

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