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By: Eduvision Consulting  09-12-2011
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Eduvision is a registered company dedicated to bringing the highest level of service to its clients. The operating belief of the company is that of all the variables affecting education, it is the teacher in the classroom that has the greatest impact on learning. Subsequently, all workshops focus on improving teacher skills (what teachers say and do) which increase their effectiveness. While the skills are based on theory, the workshops minimize this component and emphasize practical application.

Presentation Descriptions

1. How To Maintain Your Sanity In The Classroom: Take The Mystery Out Of Classroom Management

Student misbehavior occurs in predictable patterns. Knowing how a student is likely to misbehave allows teachers to develop strategies that decrease the chance that the misbehavior will occur, or if it does, strategies to defuse the situation so that it does not escalate and the dignity of the teacher and the student is maintained.

The inservice will present teachers with a realistic way of categorizing student misbehavior and possible responses (what the teacher can do or say) in a wide variety of situations. Emphasis will be placed on teacher responses which ultimately shift responsibility back to the student. The session will be practical.

2. Developing a School Wide Cooperative Discipline Policy

Most school discipline policies fail and are often more divisive than consensus forming. This workshop is designed to bring the staff together on such issues as clear expectations on what a policy can and cannot do, roles and responsibilities (so that staff and administration are congruent), and what rules and consequences can be included which do not "straight jacket" school personnel.

3. How To Keep Them on Task and Involved

Effective instructional skills are essential to decrease the chance that misbehavior will occur and to increase on task behavior. This workshop focuses on teacher skills which maintain a safe classroom (an environment where students are prepared to take risks) and a high level of academic accountability is maintained.

4. Working With Teachers in Difficulty

Administrators are frequently placed in the untenable position of giving advice and assistance (which includes positive feedback) to teachers experiencing difficulty, but at the same time must maintain an evaluative role. As a consultant working with the teacher I will perform the advice and assistance role with the clear understanding that the administrator will evaluate if the skills advocated are practiced to a satisfactory level in the classroom.

5. Working With Teachers Who Have Difficult Students in Their Classroom

This workshop presents a method for use by school counselors and administrators to assist the teacher in developing a cooperative discipline plan for difficult students. The process is designed to bring teachers, administrators, parents and students in line in a mutually supportive role.

6. Help! I Have A Nightmare in My Classroom! : Defiant Students and What To Do With Them

One of the most debilitating classroom scenarios is an arrogant, defiant student "giving attitude" to school personnel. This workshop will examine the dynamics of power struggles and will offer a process to defuse them in a manner which maintains the dignity of the teacher and the student. A process for gaining the cooperation of the student in a long term behaviour plan that also brings parents and administrators into congruence is also offered.

This project is, "a comprehensive violence prevention and character education program aimed at encouraging socially responsible and respectful behavior." As a member of the SAC Junior and Senior High School Task Force I offer workshops on behavior strategies which are congruent with the philosophy of the project.

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By Barrie Bennett and Peter Smilanich This book was written so that experienced teachers, beginning teachers, and educators in staff development positions will be able to extend their thinking and skills related to classroom management.