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By: Edmonton Roofing | General Roofing Systems Edmonton  19-09-2010
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We are a local Edmonton Flat Roofing Contractor that serves the commercial, industrial, and residential flat roof installation and flat roof repair marketplace with a staff of expert certified flat roofers.

Flat Roof Replacement Methods

Re Roofing a Flat Roof (Complete Flat Roof Replacement)
The process of a complete flat roof renovation or roof replacement involves the removal and disposal of the exsting flat roof system to the roof substrate and thenre installing a complete flat roof system. All options are then available in terms of flat roof material choices as listed below. 

Retro-Fit (Overlay of New Flat Roof Membrane Over Top Existing Flat Roof)
The process of aflat roof overlay or retro-fit involves the installation of a new flat roof membrane system over top of the old flat roof system. When installing a flat roof overlay, your options are limited to system compatibilities, weight load allowances, etc.

Flat Roof Systems and Material Choices

Multi Ply Flat Roof - Tar and Gravel Flat Roof (Built up Roofing)
Built up tar and gravel flat roofing is the traditional "old school" method of tar kettle and mop. Our flat roofers still install the multi ply systems regularly. A tar and gravel flat roof is a dependable and time tested way of installing a flat roof system. Our flat roofers regularly service and repair tar and gravel roofing that is fifty years or more old.

2 Ply Flat Roof - SBS Modified Bitumen Flat Roof
Two ply flat roofing systems are essentially the new method of flat roofing when one thinks of traditional tar and gravel mop on flat roofs. Time tested and refined, these systems will perform very well for decades if installed correctly by the flat roofers.

a. Hot Application (Open Flame)
Rolls of modified bitumen are rolled out and torched to create a two ply flat roofing system. The system membrane includes a base sheet and a cap sheet.

b. Cold Application (No Open Flame - Heat Welded)
Cold application roofing is an excellent alternative when an open flame is not required or not feasible. There are many great cold apply flat roofing options available on the market today.

Single Ply Flat Roof

A single ply flat roof system is typically more economical than a multiple ply flat roof system and can be an excellent method of roofing overlay or retrofitting a flat roof. Additionally, many single ply roofing systems will last a number of decades if the flat roofers install the system well.

The single ply flat roof systems essentially are divided in to two groups, either they are recycled rubber such as the EPDM roofing membrane (a black roof), or they are a "cool roof" and are white or grey such is the case with TPO or PVC.

Single ply roofing systems are installed in one of three ways; mechanically fastened, loose laid ballasted, or as fully adhered.

EPDM flat roofing is a recycled tire roof. It comes in rolls and is black in colour. It is an excellent roofing material, and in colder climates the black roof has advantages. It is very reliable, and comes with a long life expectancy and is very easy to repair and maintain.

b. TPO
TPO or Thermoplastic Polyolefin flat roofing is a cool roof and has an Energy Star Rating. It is looked at as the newer method of cool roofing and PVC is in some respects the older method as PVC contains Chloride which has negative environmental and health considerations. 

c. PVC
PVC or Polyvinyl Chloride flat roofs are also a cool roof and are used regularly especially south of the border. It comes in rolls just like EPDM and TPO and is easily installed and maintained as with the other single ply systems.

Spray Foam Roofing (SPF)
Spray foam roofing is essentially a method of spraying foam insulation to the existing roof system. It is fully adhered, monolithic, self flashing, and has R Value benefits that systems such as asphalt spray on systems do not possess. The life cycle warranty is shorter than most flat roof membranes but has a low capital cost and increases R Value greatly. An elastomeric roof coating is required also.

Spray Asphalt
A spray asphalt system is applied directly over the existing flat roof system as SPF, but is asphalt instead of spray foam and is usually a water based (not solvent based) asphalt emulsion product of some type. Its R Value is limited but it is an efficient, low cost way to bring a roof system to a water tight state.

Spray Roof Coatings
A spray on roof coating (typically elastomeric) is a fully adhered, spray applied, monolithic roof coating (white cool roof) that is elastic in nature and is typically sprayed over a spray foam insulation or a deteriorating metal roof.

Flat Roof Repair and Maintenance

Our flat roofers service flat roofing repairs and flat roof maintenance every day on many types of flat roofs. Flat roof repairs a re usually due to immediate leak repairs required to the flat roof and flat roof maintenance is done on a regular schedule to avoid costly repairs in the future.

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