Jet Flushing

By: Edmonton Emergency Plumbing and Drain Cleaning  15-03-2011
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If you need to remove buildup of food and grease in a drain line, we recommend high-pressure hot-water jet flushing.

We use portable jet-flushing equipment that can deliver water up to 180 degrees F at a pressure of up to 1700 psi.
This video shows how a jetter works inside a pipe ~ notice that is does indeed clean the pipe back to it's original size. 

Keep in mind, however that if a sewer line is completely clogged and there is nowhere to safely direct water that cannot drain away, it may still be necessary to use a mechanical auger first to open the line sufficiently to use the jet-flush equipment.

In most residential lines, grease buildup is seldom the issue. We have yet to come across a main sewer line with a significant grease problem.

In situations where the jet-flush equipment would be difficult to use safely, we can achieve nearly similar results using hot water in combination with the mechanical auger.

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