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By: Eddies Mens Wear  09-12-2011


First and foremost, we look for extraordinary value. Garden-variety value won’t do.
Stunning design, however, exquisite fabrics, meticulous manufacture and fair
pricing — that’s okay. That makes the cut. Nothing less.The other thing we look for, whenever possible, is Canadian-made. It’s a no-brainer.
When it comes to high-end men’s fashion, made in Canada is among the best of the
best, of the finest in the world. Besides, it’s the land beneath our feet — the true
north, strong and free. Why wouldn’t we celebrate that?

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Because when you let it all hang out, and he makes it go away — it makes us all look like masters of illusion. We encourage our customers to take full advantage of Raul, our in-house tailor. Fit is the most important, but most overlooked aspect of dressing well.