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By: Dycor Ind Research  09-12-2011

Dycor Technologies has a wide range of expertise in complex operational environments including sensors, wireless devices and data collection. Using real world, proven techniques, we can provide cost-effective solutions that will solve the most difficult of problems. Our staff has had the opportunity to participate in partnerships with hundreds of companies, both large and small, and have assisted in thousands of successful projects. Our goal is to ensure that your needs are met, both pre and post sale and our ongoing support allows you the comfort of knowing that we will be there for you.

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Technology for Defense | Security Applications

Dycor has worked with many of the world’s top providers of equipment and technology for defense and security applications – in particular, for aerosol sampling, monitoring, and detection, as well as in both chamber-based and outdoor field trial test and evaluation systems.


Aerosol Collection Systems | Aerosolized Sampling

From collecting high volumes of air to quickly capture aerosolized particles for research, medical countermeasures, or to support an all-hazards response capability, high-velocity aerosol collectors are increasingly important in defense and security applications, in both indoor and outdoor deployments. When such particles are living organisms, maintaining their viability is very important.