Anti-Islanding Protection & Detection for Distributed Power Generation

By: DX3 Enterprises  09-12-2011
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/Anti-Islanding Protection

DX3 Enterprises Ltd. offers new Anti-islanding Protection that makes the interconnection of distributed generators (DG) and utility power grids more reliable, more cost-effective, and safer. Avoid the safety hazards associated with distributed generation interconnection to the grid by using DX3 Enterprises Ltd.’s versatile anti-islanding detection technology.

Key Advantages of DX3Pulsar Anti-Islanding:

  • Signal generator is simple to install
  • Single generator can provide signal for multiple distributed generator units
  • Local utility could use signal to offset installation, operation, and maintenance costs
  • Adding additional DG units is easy with cost-effective detection card

Distributed power generators often become electrically isolated, or islanded, from the main supply. DX3 Enterprises Ltd.’s anti-islanding product works to detect and protect against this situation.

How Does It Work?

A signal generator connected to the utility grid at the secondary side of a distribution substation continuously produces signals to all downstream feeders. The DX3Pulsar creates a carrier line signal at the substation which propogates to all the regional downstream distributed power generation sites using the power lines as the signal paths. A signal detector equipped at each DG site detects the signal. If the detector cannot sense the signal, the DG is considered islanded from the main grid, an islanded condition is determined to be present and the distributed generator is tripped off immediately.


  • Compatible with any type of distributed generation system
  • Works independently from non-detection zone
  • Automatically detects islands caused by the opening of devices in distribution networks
  • Can be customized to different systems to protect variable ranges (e.g., all DGs served by a substation, all DGs served by a portion of a feeder, and individual DGs)
  • One signal generator can protect all downstream DGs (if the host signal generator protects one DG, a low-cost signal generator can be used)
  • Tests easily, users can stop the signal generator without breaking up distribution feeders
  • Features multiple signal patterns and channels for increased communication reliability
  • Signal detector suppresses background noises in carrier waveforms, provides reliable detection

Required Technology:

  1. Signal Generator
  2. Transformer – One power transformer (size/type will vary)
  3. Signal Detector

Pilot Projects:

  • ATCO – Alberta
  • Manitoba Hydro – Manitoba
  • Hydro One Inc. – Ontario (in process)

DX3 Enterprises Ltd. DX3Pulsar Anti-islanding Protection technology is registered under US Patent 7,304,403 B2 and was developed at the University of Alberta by Wilson Xu.

Additional Advanced Materials are available direct from DX3 Enterprises Ltd. to qualified individuals.

  1. University Research Report: This is a full report on the Enerpulsar research work.
  2. Scalable anti-islanding scheme: This is an improved Enerpulsar anti-islanding scheme that can bring additional flexibilities and features to its users.
  3. History of the Technology: These two papers contain the representative research work done for the TWACS technology.
  4. Independent Research: It contains two papers that have independently recommended the use of power line signaling technology for anti-islanding protection.
  5. Patent Information: Specific details are available regarding the concept technology, patent filing papers, and the patent itself.

Keywords: Power Lines

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