Drexan Heat Tracer - Heating Cables

By: Drexan HeatTracer  09-12-2011
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Drexan Heat Tracer - Heating Cables

The manufacture of consistent-quality self-regulating heating cable has been mastered by only a couple of companies worldwide, and even then, only partially. Our PipeGuard series of self-regulating heating cables are the best in the world. They are the most accurate in stated wattage outputs, the most conservative with respect to longevity claims, the easiest to work with, and the toughest and most effective in service, for any electric heat-tracing application.

Hot Tape™

HotTape is a small-dimensioned polyolefin jacketed cable for expedient repair in light industrial applications designed to be installed with heat shrink kits. While HotTape is Class I Div 1 and 2 certified, it is also available in pre-terminated lengths for quick installation using 120V outlets. Available in 120V and 208-277V versions, 5W and 8W per foot.


MultiTrace is a polyolefin jacketed cable designed for freeze protection and process temperature maintenance where chemical exposure is not a concern. Certified for Ordinary Areas only, 3-, 5-, 8- and 10 W per foot, 120V and 208-277V. Certified for use with PowerPod™ or heat shrink kits.
Certified for industrial roof and drain deicing applications.


PipeGuard self-regulating cables are certified for use in ordinary or hazardous areas for process temperature maintenance and freeze protection applications. The cables are available in a polyolefin or Fluoropolymer jacket. Available in 3-, 5-, 8- and 10 W per foot, 120V and 208-277V. Certified for use with PowerPod™, heat shrink, or copper free aluminum metallic enclosures.
Certified for industrial roof and drain deicing applications. Certified by CSA and by Factory Mutual.

PipeGuard™ Hot

PipeGuard Hot self-regulating cables are certified for use in ordinary or hazardous areas for process temperature maintenance and freeze protection applications where high temperature exposure is a concern – for instance on steam condensate lines, where freeze protection is the application yet the heating cable must withstand continuous exposure to steam temperatures. Available in 5-, 10-, 15- and 20 W per foot, 120V and 208-277V.
Certified for use with copper free aluminum metallic enclosures.

Self regulating cables embody the best of polymer science, because these products show just how creative polymer scientists have been to develop conductive polymers that can not only generate heat, but vary their power output as the temperature changes. However, plastics have an upper temperature limit that is defined by the laws of chemistry. Above these temperature limits, metallic heating cables must be used.

PipeGuard CMH

PipeGuard CMH is a parallel-circuit cable of inorganic construction that can be cut-to-length, spliced, repaired, or teed in the field, with a minimum circuit length of 1 foot. It is available in 120V or 208-277V, from 5 watts per foot to 30 watts per foot, has a bend radius of less than 1”, and can maintain pipes at 300 C and withstand 350 C. It provides significant savings due to its ease of design and installation.

Mineral Insulated Cables

We provide Mineral Insulated Cable in a number of sheath materials and electrical configurations. MI Cable has proven its worth over decades of severe industrial use and is the product of choice for many applications involving high maintain temperatures, long lines, or high temperature exposures.

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Other products and services from Drexan HeatTracer


Heat Trace Cable - Electric Heat Trace

Our cable offering includes self regulating cables, mineral insulated cables, and our recently launched PipeGuard CMH, cut-to-length metallic high temperature cable which totally changes the high temperature heat tracing challenge – for the better. Drexan™ HeatTracer brings you the most technologically advanced and most stringently manufactured cable systems available.


Pipe Heating Cable - Fluid Heat Cable

Process temperature maintenance applications are defined as applications other than freeze protection and involve temperatures higher than the freezing point of water. Viscosity control, phase change management and temperature-sensitive fluids require special attention in heat loss calculations, and monitoring and control schemes.


Heat Trace Cable - Heat Tape and Pipe Straps

Glass Cloth Tape - for pipes including stainless steel and the adhesive had an application temperature down to -40 degrees Celcius. Glass Cloth Tape - for non stainless steel pipes and has to be applied at temperatures above 5 degrees Celcius. Various pipe straps for component installation on pipes 1/2" to 10" in diameter.


Drexan Heat Tracer - Applications

Drexan™ HeatTracer has proven highly effective for a wide variety of businesses: petrochemical and chemical facilities, food plants and food-related systems, condo projects and housing developments, and many other types of industrial and commercial operations. Since 1983, Drexan™ HeatTracer products have been warming the tanks, pipes, sidewalks, eaves, and roofs of customers all over the globe.


Pipe Freeze Protection Cables - Commercial Heat Cable

From Drexan’s HotTape pre-terminated cable assemblies to PipeGuard PG hazardous rated cables, Drexan offers a complete range of cables for freeze protection applications. Drexan™ HeatTracer self-regulating pipe freeze protection cables have the industry’s longest and best warranty, the most accurate wattage output, and the longest life.


Heat Tracing Circuit Control - Heat Cable Monitoring

Drexan HeatTracer offers a comprehensive and flexible line of systems for single or multi circuit heat tracing control, while also monitoring for current and ground leakage. These systems are designed for indoor or outdoor use in non-hazardous or Class 1, Division II, Groups A, B, C, D or Zone II hazardous areas.


Heat Trace Products - Heat Tracing Installation

While HeatShrink components are certified to allow the use of any appropriate junction box, the HeatShrink Junction Box is a sleek, shallow, and rugged enclosure for both industrial and commercial applications. HeatShrink components are certified for use in Non Hazardous as well as Class I, Division 2 areas and are suitable for use on metallic and non-metallic pipes, tanks, roofs and gutters.