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By: David Whalen  09-12-2011
Keywords: Light Therapy

Emotional energy is condensed and stored in these structures when it is suppressed. In this unexpressed form it becomes a biological resistor and creates a dissonant resonance. Increasing the input of light where this dissonant resonance is stored energizes the stuck dissonance to the point where it must be released by the system. In this way light therapy energetically stimulates dissonant resonances --the unfinished business - to which a person is resistant. Colored Light used in this way appears to be an irritant, but it is really blessing to our health. Light significantly affects every cell and key regulator centers of the body, including the hypothalamus and pineal gland, the autonomic nervous system, and the subtle energies of the chakras.

Attractor Field Dynamics Attractor Field Dynamics presents you with the opportunity to first verify the effects of the underlying discordant attractor fields that interact with your life and those around you.

Next, it presents you with the opportunity towards learning how to enable yourself to disengage the forceful effects of the lower discordant attractor fields and, how to engage the power of the higher attractor fields.

By comparison, the lower attractor fields are best symbolized by emotional, psychological and physical sickness, whereas, the higher attractor fields are states of health, happiness and peace of mind. Your true intentions are to learn to align your Self with the higher attractor fields, are they not?

Your first step is to witness the Truth hidden within the attractor fields by experiencing a reading, realignment and clearing of your Attractor Field's.

Keywords: Light Therapy