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By: Darkhorse Emergency  09-12-2011
Keywords: Emergency Services


Darkhorse offers proven, science-based solutions to the critical issues faced by emergency services professionals. Our techniques both diagnose the source of performance issues and prescribe the best solution. Based on over ten years of academic research at the Centre for Excellence in Operations, the Darkhorse technology has been incorporated into a suite of easy-to-use tools that includes performance diagnostics, deployment analysis, and station location.

Often, municipalities require service providers to seek outside validation of strategic decisions – particularly those with high capital requirements. Darkhorse offers a rapid review service to identify or validate the most efficient allocation of resources. The customized reporting we create provides planners with a high level of certainty. In the words of one client, “Significant investment in facilities is no longer a gamble.” We offer a station review, a deployment review, or a comprehensive review addressing stations and deployment as well as historical operational performance.

Our consulting engagements are customized to your service, use your data, and provide actionable recommendations. In addition to determining new stations locations, we can also assess the benefit of current locations. In identifying stations that provide little advantage, you may find that you can free millions of dollars in capital and put it to better use in training, equipment, or personnel. See our case studies for some examples.

Our flagship product revolutionizes the way you understand your service. Developed in collaboration with fire and ambulance professionals, this software tool pinpoints the root cause of performance issues. Using a powerful logic engine, the tool parses historical data to show decision makers their critical issues, and how to deal with them most effectively. The diagnostic engine determines whether operational issues (such as long dispatch or chute times), availability issues, or station issues are the primary cause of reduced performance. These align exactly with the major decisions that chiefs are faced with: operations, deployment, and station location.

The deployment analyzer is not a simple what-if tool. It uses a powerful mathematical model, based on years of PhD research, to accurately represent your system performance. Unlike any other product available, this tool allows the user to optimize deployment both temporally and spatially. A planner can determine not only the benefit of adding a new resource at a specific place and time, but he can also identify the best possible place and time. Furthermore, the rich interface allows a user to interact with the deployment and see how changes affect system performance.

The station locator is a powerful, flexible, map-based planning tool that takes the guess-work out of station location decisions. Whereas traditional station location treats demand points as “covered” or “uncovered”, the station locater uses historical drive times to estimate a response probability to every demand point. This stochastic approach allows the model to optimize “performance” instead of “coverage”, and give accurate station location suggestions. But beyond this, the locator allows for instant feedback. A user can adjust the location of any station, and see the resulting impact on system performance.

Keywords: Emergency Services