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By: Cybera  09-12-2011
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Cybera has established a peering connection with the (SIX), which connects CyberaNet and its users to major Internet sites, such as Google, Microsoft, and YouTube. As a result, Cybera members will have a more direct connection to those sites and will be able to avoid queuing for access during peak use periods on the regular commercial Internet. Cybera’s partnership with , the advanced network in British Columbia, allows Cybera to transmit members’ Internet traffic beyond Alberta to the SIX. Looking ahead, Cybera will be partnering with , Canada's Advanced Research and Innovation Network, to establish a peering connection with the (TorIX). To take advantage of this transit exchange service, a connection to or to the is required.

An example of CyberaNet at work can be viewed below. This network traffic map shows a live feed of the network activity between Cybera's transit exchange equipment in Calgary and the SIX in Seattle. This data shown in this traffic map is refreshed every five minutes.

Unleash creativity in the classroom.

Cybera’s network services help education reach outside of the classroom. Cybera now offers seamless peering connections with sites like Google, YouTube, and Facebook to help schools support student learning and creativity.

  • Clear, uninterrupted videoconferences with other students and schools not only across the province, but the country and the world
  • Faster access to YouTube to download and share educational videos within seconds
  • Opportunities to integrate new tools and technologies within the classroom such as SMART Boards, Skype sessions, virtual field trips, and online projects

Unleash innovation in health and wellness.

Cybera’s network services help Alberta's medical community explore and adopt progressive ways of delivering health care. This will help attract leading minds to attend Alberta medical schools and practice in our province, inspire new contributions to medical research, and empower the 21st century patient to be more informed and involved in Alberta's health care system.

  • Participate in Internet-enabled health initiatives such as telehealth programs or remote delivery of health services such as cardiac monitoring, rehabilitation, and prescription refills.
  • Faster access to digital health resources such as electronic health records and online diagnostic tools.
  • Better delivery of distributed activities such as distance learning between medical institutions, rural community support services, and videoconferenced collaborations between national and international partners.

Unleash opporunity for your business.

Cybera’s network services help small businesses scale their services and bring their products to market faster. New direct peering connections between Cybera and sites like Google and Microsoft help businesses access the resources and services they need to test their products, develop their technologies and engage their customers.

  • Cheaper Internet access through a group buying program that will secure Cybera members the same low-cost rates usually reserved for large corporations.
  • Better connections to distributed data storage facilities, online collaboration portals and cloud computing resources.
  • Faster access to online content designed for growing businesses such as accounting, marketing, product testing, and web services.

Keywords: Exchange Equipment, health care, network services, Network Traffic,

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