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By: Compass Health And Safety  09-12-2011
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Our training courses are developed to meet the needs of adult learners. We deliver to get the message across and keep the participants engaged and entertained. We’ll deliver our sessions on-site at your facility or any facility of your choosing.

We provide training in:

Your Safety Culture - The other half of the Health & Safety Puzzle

1/2 day - $150.00/person

It is the culture of the organization that determines whether or not a program will succeed or fail. It’s the culture that makes the difference between safety mediocrity and safety excellence. The emphasis of this course is on the factors that help shape the corporate culture into one that is strong, positive and receptive to employee safety programs. You will learn how the culture of the organization influences employee behaviour. You will be introduced to culture improvement strategies. The information in this course is leading edge and truly different from anything you’ve heard before.

Safety Program Basics

2 day - $300.00

The purpose of this course is to provide lead hands, foremen, supervisors, safety committee members, etc with health and safety basics.

The following is an overview of the course contents.

  • OH&S Legislation
  • Worker’s Compensation/Claims Management
  • Hazard Identification, Assessment & Control
  • Inspection
  • Training & Orientation
  • Emergency Response
  • Investigation
  • Communication
  • Contractor Safety

This course can be delivered in modular form.

 Essential Principles to Achieving Safety Excellence

1 day - $325.00

This is a one day course for managers and supervisors looking for more than just the basics. It's designed to help supervisory and management staffs understand the importance of leading the health and safety charge for their companies.  This course goes well beyond information found in basic safety courses that is typically offered by safety consultants and safety associations.  It focuses on the importance of health and safety to the overall success of the business.  Dennis explores some of the key factors leading to safety success and failure.  Some of the topics include: how safety culture impact all aspect of business; pros and cons of behaviour based safety programs; effective methods of measuring safety performance and holding employees accountable for their responsibilities; effective recognition progrogams; lag and leading indicators; the importance of ensuring safety documents are of high quality (e.g. hazard assessments, investigations and inspections).  Participants will learn what it really takes to achieve safety excellence.  We challenge you to find another course that effectively delivers key safety information at this level to supervisry and management personnel. 

Compass can tailor this course to meet specific company needs (e.g. assess the quality of some company documents in class.

OH&S Legislation

1/2 day - $90.00

Some say learning about legislation is boring – not the way this course is delivered.

Participants will learn about key pieces of the Occupational Health & Safety Act, Regulations and Code. The course is designed to help employers understand their legistated obligation.


1/2 day - $90.00

WARNING: this is not your normal everyday WHMIS workshop. Janie will keep you awake through the WHMIS theory. You will compete for prizes as she tests your WHMIS knowledge. You can sign up for the generic WHMIS course or Compass can obtain information on your specific chemicals hazards and tailor the course to your needs. This is WHMIS like you’ve never done WHMIS before - it’s interesting, it’s interactive and it’s fun.

Fire Safety Training

1/2 day - $55.00

Learn the basics of fire safety and learn how to use a fire extinguisher. This is an onsite course in which the theory is conducted in the classroom and the practical outside. Each participant will be given the opportunity to extinguish a pan fire. We believe the time to learn to use an extinguisher is before the fire starts.

Defensive Driving

1 day - $135.00

 The Defensive Driving Course is a nationally recognized program, developed by the Canada Safety Council. Employees who drive company vehicles or drive on company business will benefit from a Defensive Driving Course every two to three years. This is a one-day classroom program that is designed to sharpen driving skills. Instruction focuses on discussion of driving experiences and problem areas such as bad weather, winter roads, and pressures of time, distance, etc. Individuals who complete the course may be eligible for a three demerit reduction on their driving record.


In addition to the above courses, we develop and provide health and safety training tailored for your needs (e.g. seminars, conferences, etc.).

Compass will be expanding on the course offerings in the coming months. If we don't offer the course you are looking for now


Course Participant Testimontials

Here’s what participants say about our instruction:

“Dennis presented the course in a manner that was exciting and involved the class. Excellent instructor!!!”

“Awesome job, I really came out of this class with a lot of useful information.
Great job. Thank you.”

“Dennis is an outstanding and knowledgeable instructor.”

“I am a professional instructor…he is simply the best. He is knowledgeable, organized and has control of the class.”

“I really enjoyed the course. It was simply the best I’ve ever taken. I learned a lot and Dennis was great.”

“Janie brings total passion to her sessions.”

“I really feel motivated to make a difference now – Janie was awesome.”

“I thought the subject matter was boring but Janie’s high energy made it interesting."

“Great job. I found Janie’s enthusiasm and passion is contagious.”

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Keywords: Emergency Response, employee safety, health and safety, Inspection Training, Safety Program, Safety Programs, training courses

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