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By: Commercial Lodge #81  09-12-2011

Thank you Worshipful Master, for allowing me the opportunity to address the Brethren through the Master’s Message.

Traditionally, the upcoming summer solstice has represented many things to many people, and as a celestial event, formed one of the anchor points for some calendars of the past.  It also represented a change of time, and was worthy of celebration, and as I look around our Lodge, I begin to understand how this time of year has come to be associated with so many positive events.

This June was a rare month for Commercial Lodge, beginning with the Initiation of new brethren and concluding with making of new Master Masons.  Both joyous events for the newer Brethren, and for the Lodge.  But the good times don’t stop there, with more than half a dozen events planned around Edmonton throughout the summer as our Lodge goes dark there are plenty of things to do and enjoy! 

And as I survey my surroundings, I am overwhelmed by the growth around me, growth of the Lodge, growth of Brothers and perhaps less recognized by myself, my own growth.  Recently one of younger Brethren relocated out of the district after having demonstrated eagerness, enthusiasm and desire to learn the Craft.  It was not too long ago that I too left my Mother and landed on the shores of Edmonton

When I arrived, I had started my lessons of the Craft, but was still rough in form, and had very little confidence my role as a Mason, and especially as a member or Commercial Lodge.  How was I ever going to sit comfortably among my “betters”?

I’d like to thank the Brethren of University Lodge #496 for watering the seeds that I had sown when I first knocked upon that door.  I’d also like to thank the Brethren of Commercial Lodge #81 for their continued care and support of that crop.  Commercial Lodge has taught me many things, not the least of which has been, that the members of Commercial Lodge are not my “betters”, they are my Brothers.  Together we will toil, suffer, grow and celebrate. 

With this recognition I found a new confidence, what was there to be uncertain about?  With the support of my Brethren, my work can continue, unfettered by hindrances and obstacles. With my support my Brethren can do the same. And together we form a Lodge that’s strong, resilient, and will continue to grow and endure.

Brethren, the soil is good, the seeds have been planted well, and whether they be seeds from afar or near, they grow with the care of their Brethren. 

On behalf of our Worshipful Master, W. Bro Franklyn Johnson, I wish you the best of summers, and hope to see many of you throughout.  But if not during the summer, it will be happy to meet again in September.

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Commercial Lodge #81 » Master’s Messages

I am glad that when I was given the gavel to run the meeting, my first official act was to thank Bro William Wandio for his 20 years of loyal service to the lodge as Secretary Treasurer. Mere words cannot describe the blanket of warmth that was wrapped around me by the brothers in all the lodges I visited. The visitors whom we all say are the cornerstones of Masonry certainly made a big corner at the installation.