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By: Christensen & Mc Lean Roofing  09-12-2011
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Christensen & McLean Roofing provides a variety of replacement roofing systems for literally any application. As part of our service, we will do an on-site inspection and provide you with a complimentary quote, based on your business needs and our recommended re-roofing solution for your building. We will work with you to analyze your requirements and design a re-roofing solution that meets all your needs.

Eventually all roofing systems must be replaced: no roof, no matter how well maintained, will last forever. This fact is a source of some frustration to owners, but it doesn’t have to be. Think of it as an opportunity to correct existing problems, increase your roof's thermal performance, and a chance to make the roof more economically efficient.

Building owners are normally faced with reroofing when the existing roof has outlived it useful life by weathering and normal wear and tear. High-energy costs may also cause an owner to reroof for the primary purpose of upgrading the roof’s thermal resistance. It is often the amount of repeat roof repairs, lack of scheduled maintenance and facility disruption that determines the timeliness of a roof replacement.

Christensen & McLean Roofing is a leading expert in Alberta in both Full Systems Replacement and Membrane Replacement Reroofing projects.

Full Systems Replacement: The process of removing the existing roofing assembly and related sheet metal flashing completely down to the structural deck prior to installing a completely new roofing assembly.

Membrane Replacement: The process of removing the roofing system waterproofing membrane down to the existing insulation component, then installing a new roofing membrane system. During this process the owner must understand that all identified wet or deteriorated insulation must be removed and replaced with new materials prior to the new roofing membrane application.

When a roof has passed its service life – whether premature or not – reroofing becomes a top priority, bringing with it multiple upgrading options and considerations:

  • Existing roof condition
  • Building / facility operation
  • Adding or relocating existing drains to improve drainage systems
  • Full removal of existing materials adding insulation for increased thermal resistance
  • Incorporating vapor retarders as required by building occupation or usage
  • Moving or removing roof top equipment or penetrations no longer of service to the building or facility
  • Short term / Long term budgeting objectives

A reroofing job is generally recognized industry-wide as tougher, risky process than new construciton work. Having the right contractor to complete this type of work is imperative.

Unlike new construction, reroofing occurs predominately on active properties so many things must be considered and controlled to ensure all risks are managed on behalf of the client. Whereas new construction sites are restricted work areas, reroofing projects are likely to take place while buildings continue to be used – or even lived in – by the public, adding both safety and access concerns to the project.

Christensen & McLean Roofing will ensure your reroofing project is constructed and completed using both the highest standards of quality and safety. As a leading founder of the Alberta Roofing Contractors Association, we have the experience and knowledge to ensure your reroofing goes as smoothly as possible.

Keywords: reroofing, Roofing, Roofing System, Roofing Systems

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