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By: Calvary Community  09-12-2011

Watch & Pray Edmonton

Edmonton is a wonderful city.  In fact, Edmonton is the city that God has called us to.  Consequently we believe that Edmonton should be a better place because we are a part of it.  Here are some of the things we do to make it a better place.

We Watch

It has been said that evil happens when good people do nothing.  So rather than sitting around and complaining about the crime in our City, we watch carefully.  We pay attention to what is going on.  We choose to get to know our neighbours, to look out for one another, to call someone if something doesn’t look quite right.  Rather than leave it to others, we take responsibility for our blocks.

We Pray

We can always have an impact in the physical world around us.  Yet we know that a lot of the pain and strife we see is born of a spiritual struggle, not an earthly one.  We believe part of our responsibility as Christ followers in the Edmonton is to pray for our city.  For the rulers, powers and authorities, for the emergency service personnel, for the people in our neighbourhoods.  Even for the criminals.

We see a difference

In fact it isn’t just members of Watch & Pray who see a difference.  It is the Edmonton Police Service.  Since Watch & Pray began, crime in the Millwoods area has decreased by 18%.  We praise God that the prayers of His people are powerful and effective!

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