300 ED Series General Information

By: Bowie Pumps  09-12-2011

Taking the reputation of the Bowie 300 Series, the Bowie 300 Extended Duty (ED) Series takes 300 Series performance and extends pump life. By adding ductile iron heavy duty wear plates, increasing shaft diameter to 1 ¼” (32 mm) and extended bushing length to a full 3 ½” (89mm), the Bowie 300 ED Series provides longer life under heavy wear conditions. At the same time, you get the ease of maintenance and serviceability as the original 300 Series pumps. It’s affordable – it’s tough – it gets your job done and keeps you on the road.

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400 Series General Information

The Bowie 400 Series pump uses positive suction with either clockwise or counterclockwise shaft rotation, pumping low to high viscosity and even abrasive liquids in some of Canada?s most difficult operating conditions. The outboard bearing location guarantees that your product will not come in contact with your bearings.


300 Series General Information

Having a reputation for providing value and being easy to fix, the Bowie 300 Series has been the backbone of the Bowie product line in Canada for over 50 years. Known for the durability of its Buna-N rubber gears, the Bowie 300 Series rotary gear pump is the industry standard for pumping highly abrasive fluids.


600 Series General Info

The newest addition to the Bowie Product line, the Bowie 600 Series is a high performance pump for use in severe operating conditions and in situations where extended service intervals are required. Available with Buna-N rubber, helical high strength steel or helical chemical resistant Delrin gears, the Bowie 600 Series can be configured for use in almost any condition.