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By: Boreal Laser  09-12-2011
Keywords: Leak Detection, Stack Monitoring

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Measurements of a single gas in variable locations Detection of CH4 hotspots in landfill.
Measurements of multiple gas species in various locations Measuring NH3 and CH4 emissions from agricultural sources
Measurements of single gas species over pipeline or similar extremely long emission source Measuring CH4 emissions from a natural gas pipeline through a large densely populated and congested area.
Measurements of single gas species through a fixed open air sample path. HF leak detection in refinery HF Alkylation units.
Measurements of single gas species through a fixed in-situ duct path. Monitoring NH3 emissions in coal fired power generating stations.
Simultaneous monitoring over multiple fixed sample paths either in-situ, extractive, or open path HF scrubber inlet, outlet, and stack monitoring in primary aluminum smelter.
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Keywords: Leak Detection, Stack Monitoring

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GasFinder « Boreal Laser

Ideal for short duration studies and troubleshooting, GasFinder is designed to include safety monitoring during process unit turnarounds and new construction and commissioning. Emission Measurement – An estimate of the total fugitive emissions from a site can be determined using environmental data, EPA gas dispersion models, and GasFinder sensor data.


GasFinderMC « Boreal Laser

Cross Duct Probe – With one second data rates, the cross duct probe is ideal for duct based process control or large diameter stack monitoring. Extractive Multipass Cell – The extractive multipass cell allows a gas sample to be removed from the process and analyzed offline. Open Path Remote Head – Suitable for ambient long path monitoring, roofline monitoring, and leak or emergency release monitoring.


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GasFinderFC is a fully portable fiber-coupled version of GasFinder perfect as a portable stack monitor, pipeline leak detector, vehicle emissions monitor or portable multi-function gas detector. GasFinder is a fully portable open path gas monitor designed for perimeter and area monitoring, emission measurement and portable leak detection.