By: Bekker Plugs  09-12-2011


We have several woods that we use the majority of the time because they look great and are readily available.

  • Honey Locust is yellow in colour with red heartwood and we have a very abundant source of it.
  • Russian Olive has a white sap wood (outside) and dark to black heartwood (inside) and it's pretty easy to find.
  • Northern Treasure ash has distinctive rings that are slightly different colours and a very soft pith (inner core of the wood), which must be drilled or picked out. At the moment we have a a decent stash of this, but when it's gone, we might not be able to find much.
  • There are several varieties of apple trees that we use; Carrol, Thunderchild, Radiant, and some others if we come across them. It's harder to find these woods, especially in larger sizes, but they are often very unique looking with browns and reds
  • Amur Cherry is quite soft and sometimes too soft to use, but it's red colour with black and brown streaks is beautiful.
  • Walnut and Butternut are similar, but Butternut is a little darker. Both have a pith that will start to fall out on its own once it has dried for a while.
  • Sweetheart Mayday has a neat purple haze surrounding its white pith. Sizes under 1/2" are fairly easy to find, but larger than that is rare.