Is Root Canal absolutely safe like some of the doctors suggest? Are there no risks involved?

By: Barry Kramble Dental Clinic  17-12-2013
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There are few things that people fear a lot and one of those things is visiting a dentist. Now in order to make people feel comfortable or mentally prepared so as to say lot of dentists have taken the stand that root canal is a 100% safe procedure and nothing whatsoever can go wrong with it. There are some risks involved while getting a dental procedure like root canal done. Though there are nearly 50,000 dental procedures performed daily in the US and Canada combined it is actually not a 100% safe procedure. The main reason I would want to point this out is because lot of times when you have a chronic disease and you have no idea what the root is it turns out that it is in the mouth. A while ago one of the renowned dentist/scientist had performed a teeth removal surgery on a lady and as a experiment it was planted on a rabbit. Now the lady from whom the tooth was removed had arthritis which actually transferred on to the Rabbit suggesting that the root of the disease had transferred. Infact the lady got cured after the removal of the tooth and it was to every ones surprise how this happened. It is a known fact that most dentists are oblivious to the serious health risks any procedure can cause the patients. Basically your teeth are made of the hardest substance of the body. In the middle of each tooth is the pulp chamber, a soft living inner structure that houses blood vessels and nerves. Surrounding the pulp chamber is the dentin, which is made of living cells that secrete a hard mineral substance. The outermost and hardest layer of your tooth is the white enamel, which encases the dentin. When a dentist would do a root canal they will have to hollow the tooth and this cuts down the tooth from its blood supply. There are bacteria that are also cut off from their food supply and they hide here being absolutely immune to the antibiotics. The oral bacteria actually converts to toxic pathogens waiting for an opportunity to spread. Basically root canals can lead to heart, kydney, bone and brain diseases. Here Barry Kramble is not suggesting that they should never be done but it is very important to understand when a root canal is absolutely necessary and when it is not.

Keywords: Barry Kramble Blog, Barry Kramble News,

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