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We’re generally not big fans of clichés, but we can’t deny that necessity is the mother of invention, or in the case of South Korea’s Tesco Homeplus, it’s the mother of innovation.  The grocery retail chain had long been stuck in the #2 spot in the ranks of Korean retailers, and this largely had to do with the fact that the leading competitor had far more locations. So Tesco was forced to find a way to move up in the ranks without opening more locations.

South Koreans are very hard working people. In fact, they’re the second hardest working people in the world, so running errands like grocery shopping can be difficult to schedule into their busy weeks. Tesco realized it was necessary to create a convenient way to shop without taking any more time from their customers’ already full schedules.

Their solution to both increasing sales and making the shopping experience more convenient was to bring the store to the people. Recognizing that online grocery shopping could be difficult – it’s hard to see the products and easy to forget items because they’re not all laid out in front of you – Tesco Homeplus set up a virtual store in a subway station. The walls are designed to look like the shelves of a grocery store with photos of actual food, so that the shopping experience is as easy as it would be in the store. Customers simply scan the QR code of the items they need with their phones, and the groceries are delivered when they get home from work.

Tesco analyzed the needs of their business and the needs of their customers, and came up with a truly original, innovative idea. They are now #1 in the online market and a very close second in the general market.

In the meantime, check out Tesco’s virtual subway store:

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The Graphical Element
Unlike virtually any other online marketing tool, emails can be customized to take on the look of your brand. Not only does this reinforce your brand and identity, but it also makes it easy to build new content into a customized template, saving you time, all while making you look really good.

What’s in It for Them?
Email marketing campaigns are most effective when the emphasis is on the customer, not the sending company. No one likes pointless self-promotion, but offering your customers a discount or providing your clients with helpful tips for their business will show them that your marketing efforts are centered around them.

A Little Quality One-On-One Time
Social networks aren’t always ideal for getting a message out because no matter how hard you try to make your page effective, you’re always competing for space. There will always be other ads displaying next to your message. Email allows you to deliver one controlled, focused message to your customers without having to worry about distractions from the sidelines. Not to mention, you don’t own the space on a social network so you have no control over how anything is displayed. Email gives you full control over layout, so your message won’t be lost among other ads, text, or graphics.

Targeted Groups
Effective client relationship management is all about knowing your customers individually and using the information they give you to customize their next experience with you. Email allows you to break customers into separate lists so that you can control the message you send to each of them, aligning it with their goals, targeting it to meet their needs, or triggering a reaction.

A Portal to Your Other Marketing Efforts
A video hosting site like YouTube or Vimeo can’t be relied on for all marketing efforts, but they are ideal for some things. When you feel a customer can be served best by viewing a video campaign, you can simply link to it in your email. Or, if you think they’ll want to discuss a product with other customers, send them to your company’s Facebook fan page or blog. You might send them to news release on your site if they’ll need general information on a product or event. They’ll appreciate the shortcut to useful information and you’ll find it easier to streamline your message by using email as the launching point for all of your other marketing efforts.

Email marketing can lose its effectiveness if used too frequently or too sporadically. The key is to strike a balance that your customers are comfortable with. If you flood inboxes with several emails a week, recipients will think of it as junk mail and might stop reading them altogether. A good way to prevent this is to use segmented lists to send only relevant emails to targeted groups. This way, customers are only getting emails that apply to them. It’s also important to be consistent – if you say you’ll be sending quarterly emails, send quarterly emails. Don’t make that promise and then send less frequently. Customers might feel like they’re not a priority if you’re not maintaining communication with them.

There are many tools available that will help you analyze the success of your email campaigns. It’s important to look at the open rate of your emails, as well as how many people are following links inside. Looking at this information will help you plan your content and approach for your next campaign, and might help you decide how to cater content to specific groups.

Don’t know where to start? Give us a shout, we’re here to help.

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Android is looking to hold this position for at least a little while – 31% of people surveyed who plan on getting a new smartphone said their top choice would be an Android. Only six months ago the same survey indicated a clear lead for the iPhone – 33% claimed it would be their smartphone of choice, with the Android sitting at only 26%.


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Targeted Groups Effective client relationship management is all about knowing your customers individually and using the information they give you to customize their next experience with you. The app made it into iTunes’ 2010 Hall of Fame and continues to be an example of the potential apps have to connect people and enhance experiences.


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