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By: Art Gallery Of Alberta  09-12-2011

Each month, staff from all areas of the AGA will share their “must haves” from Shop AGA with you.

Cookie & the Dude Cloth Barrettes

Cooke and the Dude
Please, tame my wayward fore-lock.
Bangs, meet Bobby Pin.

One Swell Gal Silk Screened Scarf

One Swell Gal, wrapped ‘round
my neck- less morbid than it
seems. New winter scarf!

Ghandi Finger Puppet/Magnet

Ghandi, tiny puppet;
With your cheery cotton face,
Bring peace to my hands.

- Christina, Shop AGA

Topsy Turvy Stacking Blocks

These boxes are topsy and turvy
All colors but not at all curvy
I used each of the blocks
As a vitamin box
and successfully avoided the scurvy.

Mint Vin-Eau Carafe and Cups Set

This porcelain carafe is ideal
For a picnic or any old meal
Two bright scarlet cups
Help you want to drink up
and ‘dishwasher safe’ holds appeal!

- Sarah, Shop AGA

MoMA Modern Playhouse

I love interior design, but unfortunately my budget doesn’t allow for very much experimentation. This kit allows me to have my mid-century modern fun while keeping money in my wallet.

Allison Cole Notebooks

Stuck for inspiration? These notebooks are so pretty and colourful that filling them with ideas is a cinch.

- Alison, Marketing

Aluminum Brillo Savings Box

Have you ever wanted to own cool spy-like technology, but didn’t want to deal with the social repercussions of night vision goggles? Look no further! The aluminum Brillo Savings Box magically locks your spare change in a Warhol-inspired container without a key or combination. No one will be able to break in! What happens when you want to access your money? Ask the Shop AGA staff to give you a demonstration.

Happeez Clippers

While I know it puts me in danger for admitting this, I am originally from Calgary and frequently travel back to see family. Every time I drive down, I am not allowed to visit my mother unless I have the Happeez Clippers with me. These extremely practical clips come in a variety of nifty designs and, because they are not magnetic, can be placed anywhere!

- Emily, Curatorial

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