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By: AP Solutions & Resources Ltd  09-12-2011
Keywords: indoor air quality, mould, Asbestos


AP Solutions and Resources Ltd. specializes in hazardous materials and indoor air quality quantification and identification.

Hazardous Materials Audits - Our audits are designed to test and visually identify suspect hazardous materials such as asbestos, lead, mercury, PCB and radioactive components prior to renovation or construction activities. With the use of our hazardous materials database we can provide an inventory of all hazardous materials found along with visual and descriptive reports outlining what hazardous materials exist and proper methods of removal. Following the hazardous materials survey, AP Solutions and Resources provides a comprehensive report of findings that includes visual documentation, locations, sample results, quantities, and if applicable cost estimates for hazardous materials removal and assessment.

Fume hood Testing - We offer ASHRAE 110 fume hood performance testing. Our testing includes face velocity testing, air flow visualization testing, and tracer gas testing. Testing for face velocity alone does not give an adequate measure of safety of fume hoods. The use of a tracer gas and specialized detection instruments are the most recognized method used to determine the containment characertistrics of a fume hood.

Occupational Hygiene - We monitor the exposure and control of physical, chemical or environmental hazards in the workplace. These hazards if left uncontrolled may cause adverse effects to workers as well as disease or discomfort.

Indoor Air Quality - We can customize a monitoring strategy to determine the quality of air as it relates to the health and comfort of building occupants.

Asbestos - Our employees are trained in proper sampling techniques to identify asbestos within building materials. If asbestos is identified within the building materials, a proper scope of work can be developed to ensure proper removal and air monitoring of the asbestos materials.

Mould - We offer air monitoring and sampling of suspect mould containminated environments. All buildings could potentially contain mould & fungus, especially if water infiltration has occurred. Mould only requires 48 hours to grow, given the right conditions.

Keywords: Asbestos, Hazardous Materials, indoor air quality, mould, occupational hygiene

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We work with organizations to gain knowledge of their needs and determine the most efficient, cost-effective ways to deliver desired results. We have developed many different sampling strategies and developed programs to assist our clients achieve their needs. We have used our expertise to help many businesses solve their challenges. Our solutions are based upon our client needs.