RodaDeaco by AMOT Diesel Engine Safety Solutions

By: Amot  09-12-2011
Keywords: Diesel Engine, Air Intake, Swing Gate

The Roda Deaco Valve is a positive spring operated air intake cut-off device that provides emergency overspeed protection for a diesel engine. The presence of combustible vapours in the atmosphere may cause the diesel engine to overspeed. The Roda Deaco Valve can be released to starve the engine of air and deny the possibility of an overspeed situation. Roda Deaco Valves are used world-wide to provide reliable diesel engine overspeed control.

Reliable and Dependable

The Roda Deaco Valve can be released several ways, depending on the medium available and the individual requirements. Common operation medium can be mechanical, compressed air, air/electric, electric, or a combination of these.

The method of release can also vary. To operate manually, a machine operator must push a valve control, pull a cable or flip a switch at either the operators console, a control panel or at the machine site. To operate automatically, the Roda Deaco Valve is used with a speed switch that is set to trip at a specific engine overspeed RPM and release the Deaco Valve.

Compact and Lightweight

The Roda Deaco Valve is a compact "Swing Gate" design. Major components of the Deaco Valve are made of aluminum, brass and stainless steel. The sealing element features a full floating phenolic insert that provides positive sealing when closed. With the change in design of modern diesel engines, hose connections of the engine's air intake system have become increasingly common. The lightweight design of the Roda Deaco Valve allows easy installation using similar hose connections. It's compact size requires minimal clearance in the engine compartment. Available in various diameters, custom fits are assembled to the customer's engine requirements.

Keywords: Air Intake, Diesel Engine, Swing Gate