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By: Waxing Moon  09-12-2011
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Please note: We are currently in a phase of development and testing of new and existing products. As such, our product line may be evolving. We will keep our existing product calalogue online for you to see, but please be aware that some products may be unavailable at this time.

*Note: All prices are in Canadian Dollars. Shipping costs are extra (see page for details).
To place an order, please send us an email () or give us a phone call ((780) 469-8133).

Bath & Body care

Glycerin Soaps (Scents: Lavender, Patchouli, Tea Tree, Peppermint, Bubble Gum, Hemp Seed, Oatmeal/Milk)$3.49
(Picture coming soon.)$8.49
Glycerin Kids Soap (Scents: Lavender, Patchouli, Tea Tree, Peppermint, Bubble Gum)$2.49
(Picture coming soon.)$5.99
(Picture coming soon.)Tyger Balm -- 1/3 oz$4.99
All-natural Herbal Deodorant$8.49
Herbal Hair Pomade -- 4 oz
(Better than Brylcreem! More Dapper than Dan!)
Bath Salts (Energy, Lust, Healing, Peach) $3.99
Lip Balm (Peppermint, Citrus, Strawberry, Banana-Coconut, Strawberry-Banana, or Blueberry) -- comes in a convient 1/3 oz jar or a tube $3.49
(Picture coming soon.) Natural Honey Dust $4.99
(Picture coming soon.) Massage Oil - 60 ml size (Relax, Lust, Joy, Stress Remover) $9.99
(Picture coming soon.)
  • Massage Oil - 120 ml size
(Picture coming soon.) Bath Oil (Lavender, Peppermint, Banana-Coconut, or "Spirit of the Woods") $9.99
(Picture coming soon.) Fragrances (Patchouli, Lavender, Banana-Coconut, or "Fitness Spray") -- all fragrances are alcohol-free & hypo-allergenic. They come in a 2oz spray bottle. $7.99
(Picture coming soon.) Air Freshener - 60 ml (Black Cherry & Cinnamon, Lavender, Peppermint, or Spiced Apple)
Beautifully scented with essential or fragrance oils, this air freshener contains absolutely no chemicals and is completely safe for even the most sensitive humans and animals.
(Picture coming soon.) $9.99
(Picture coming soon.) Drawer & Linen Spray - 60 ml (Black Cherry & Cinnamon, Lavender, Peppermint, or Spiced Apple)
Spray your drawers to keep clothes smelling fresh or spray on linens that have been stored away for special occasions. Not recommended on silks and satins, but safe for most other fabrics.
(Picture coming soon.)
  • Drawer & Linen Spray - 120 ml
(Picture coming soon.) Bath Fizzies (Peppermint, Lavender, Citrus, or Healing) $2.99
(Picture coming soon.) $4.99
(Picture coming soon.) Bath Kisses (Peppermint, Lavender, Citrus, or Healing) $2.99
(Picture coming soon.) Herbal Tooth Powder - Individual size
(All natural, herbally-sweetened, baking soda tooth powder with Neem & Myrrh. Lasts much longer than toothpaste!)
(Picture coming soon.)
  • Herbal Tooth Powder - Family size
(Picture coming soon.) Snore-less pillow
Aromatherapy studies indicate that the smell of Marjoram can greatly reduce snoringproblems. Place this little pillow beside you or in your pillow case and enjoy as everyone in the family gets a good night’s rest.
(Picture coming soon.) Catnip pillow
A natural, dried herb treat for the feline member of your family.
(Picture coming soon.) Wild Yam / Calendula Body & Skin Cream
An all-natural hand cream that moisturizes and heals. Leaves your hands feeling silky and smooth. Even works for skin with mild to moderate Eczema! Comes in your choice of 4oz, 2oz, or handy purse size jar (please see below).
(Picture coming soon.) $9.99
(Picture coming soon.) $5.99
(Picture coming soon.)
  • 1/3 oz (convient carrying size)
(Picture coming soon.) Aromatherapy First Aid Kit
Perfect size for traveling, this kit includes 6 aromatherapy blends for everything from headaches to minor cuts, our Tyger Balm for sore muscles, diagram and instruction sheet, and a decorative wooden box to keep it all in.
(Picture coming soon.) Aromatherapy Starter Kit
6 of the basic oils to get you started, diagram and instructions, nifty wooden box. Great gift!


Bulk Hand-formed Incense conesHand formed incense cones made with ground herbs. No chemical or perfume smell! Great for personal or ritual use! Choose from: Healing, Lust, Memory, Prosperity, Relaxation, Energy and Anti-Stress. Comes in a box of 100. $34.99
Candles -- various prices (assorted styles, colours, & fragrances) ..
(Picture coming soon.) $2.99
(Picture coming soon.) $5.99
(Picture coming soon.) $4.99
(Picture coming soon.) $3.49
Rune Stone sets (Natural Stone, Blue Glass, Rose Glass, Clear Glass, or Topaz Glass) -- Includes 25 hand-carved Rune Stones, Drawstring carrying pouch, & Instructional booklet $19.99
(Picture coming soon.) Study Kit (includes Memory Oil & 7 cones of Memory incense) $11.99
(Picture coming soon.) Memory Oil $7.99

Herbal Tea Blends (12 bags)

(Picture coming soon.) $7.99
(Picture coming soon.)
  • Upset Stomach formula (12 bags)

Sales & Internet Specials!

Gift Wrap your purchase! What could be better during the holiday season than giving a pre-wrapped Waxing Moon gift basket to a friend or loved one? Comes with a basket, transparent wrapping plastic, ribbons, and a descriptive tag. We'll even customize the tag for you! (If customization is required, don't forget to tell us the custom text you want.) $4.99

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