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By: Enviroperfect Solutions  09-12-2011
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EPS Granular Organic  Turf/Lawn Fertilizer (9-2.7-2.7) with micro-nutrients

EPS Granular Organic Turf/Lawn Fertilizer with micro-nutrients  “holds” its nutrients until the turf is ready to use them; reducing application frequency, and providing peace of mind in knowing this safe, 100% ORGANIC product won’t cause harm to humans, pets or the environment.

Retail, commercial and professional inquiries welcomed. 

Available in 20Kg (44 lbs.) and in bulk 907Kg  (2000 lbs.) totes.   

Key Uses:

 • 100% ORGANIC All Natural

• Child and pet safe

• Granulated for easy application

• Ingredients are slow release.  This fertilizer needs to be applied in spring and fall only.

• Holds nutrients until the turf is ready to use them

• Non burning


Measure the amount of turf to be covered. The 20 Kg (44 lbs.) bag covers 800 square meters (8400 square ft.). Set spreader to #5 opening on a Scotts rotary spreader. For even coverage, apply one half the required amount walking side to side and the remaining back to front.  Apply in early spring, then re-apply in the fall.

Keywords: Turf

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