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By: Enviroperfect Solutions  09-12-2011
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All composts are not equal.

With today’s growing interest in sustainable growing practices and environmental responsibility, compost has become one of the most common soil ’fixes’ in the industry. This has prompted an increase in the number of compost producers and compost products. Unfortunately few compost operations actually produce high quality compost. Most in-fact are nothing more than volume reduction operations; desiring a simple solution to neutralize their waste problem. The end product is not stable; meaning the nutrients are not ‘fixed’ and tend to leach. All EPS Compost products are carefully cultivated to ensure the proper humidity and the  incorporation of beneficial microbes. This results in  a highly complex and valuable humified compost ecosystem. From golf courses, sports fields, public lands and greenhouses to large scale farm operations EPS’s high quality compost is second to none on the market today.

The Benefits of Compost

  • Adds nutrients into the soil;
  • Improves soil structure, texture and aeration;
  • Increases the water-holding capacity of soil;
  • Loosens clay soils and helps sandy soils retain water;
  • Promotes soil fertility;
  • Stimulates healthy root development;
  • Reduces reliance on petroleum-based fertilizers, pesticides and herbicides;
  • Reduces the need for irrigation;
  • Retains and filters stormwater;
  • Controls erosion and stormwater sediment.

EPS offers compost in two formats (granular and non-granular)

EPS compost is available in 25kg bags or 1000kg totes.

Keywords: Compost

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