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By: Unger's Lumber  09-12-2011

This list of products is the common list that we usually produce, at least in limited volumes, is as follows;

Spruce / Pine Lengths from 4' to 20'   Aspen / Poplar Lengths from 4' to 16'
1"x4" only in 8' through 16'   1"x4"  
1"x6" only in 8' through 16'   1"x6"  
2"x4: only in 8' through 16'   3"x4"  
2"x6"     3"x10"  
2"x8"     4"x4"  
2"x10"     4"x6"  
2"x12"     6"x6"  
3"x4" only in 8' through 16'   6"x8"  
3"x10"     8"x8"  
3"x12"     10"x10"  

In addition to those listed, we do custom sizes ( eg 10″x12″) but nothing smaller than 1″ and nothing larger than 16″. 

Our biggest sellers in SPF are 4″x6″x4′ and in 5′ as well as 3″x12″ and 12″x12″ in various lengths. Our biggest seller in aspen/poplar is 4″x6″x4′ for pipelines or occasionally in 5′ lengths.

For our logging service, we provide a mechanical harvester ( Valmet 520T with a Waratah 620 head), a forwarder ( Valmet 620) and a skidder ( John Deere 540B). Also we provide mulching services from another contracted company as well as picker truck service also contracted from another company. One call does it all, stump to dump.