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By: Pile Base  09-12-2011
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From its roots as a pile-driving contractor, Pile Base Contractors has evolved into a diversified service company supplying the needs of the Western Canadian Oil Patch when and where ever they need it.


Having been around the since the 1950's, Pile Base has emerged as leaders in the following areas.

Pile Driving and Pre- Drilling

Our pile driving equipment has been upgraded to all crane mounted units with the exception of one Truck Mounted unit to assist on large job sites. The Crane mounted units offer a great deal more mobility and safety to work in existing plant sites. These "drivers" can reach over existing lines and buildings already in place.

Piling pipe up to 40 feet in length and 20 inches in diameter will fit into our Derrick.

The"Hammer" weight is 4500 lbs. and has a Driving Force of 30.5 KN-N.Extensions can be added or welded on to reach any necessary depth.

Wooden Piles up to 40 feet in length and One foot in diameter are often used under Drilling Rig Matting on soft ground or muskeg locations. 900 of these type of Piles were used on one location for Chevron in Fort Liard a few years ago, for the entire Drilling Rig, associated buildings and the Camp as well.

Our Air Drill for Pre-drilling is capable of drilling 12 3/4 inch holes to a depth of 25 feet. 5 inch holes can be drilled to 100 feet with air, however further depths to 350 feet must and can be drilled with a "Mud System" to guarantee cutting returns.

A Screw Pile Driver in the future will also be an option available on the new crane for customers who want the option of screw piles for certain applications.

Our main Pile Driving Crew, with our Supervisor has a combined 100 plus years of experience in many different situations, locations, weather and have worked safely for almost every Oil and Gas company in Western Canada.

Piling Pipe Sales

A complete supply of Piling Pipe is for sale and warehoused at our Drayton Valley yards. Pipe sizes from 4 1/2 " to 20" in 40' and 20' lengths are available.The materials can be custom fabricated by our Welder to any size our Customers would need and can be delivered to your jobsites by our own fleet of Trucks.

Crane Trucks

Crane trucks are used for a variety of jobs from Rig Moves, Pump Jack installation, Oilfield Maintenance, Building Construction and Pile Driving. They can safely reach and work 40' straight behind the unit or 30' off to the side of the unit for Pile Driving.Our truck-mounted cranes range in size from 30 to 42 tons.

These units are also fitted with the latest GPS Technology to ensure the Operators are never alone.

Winch Trucks

With its fleet of 25 winch trucks (23 company trucks and 2 owner-operated rigs), Pile Base can haul anything from Service Rigs, small Drilling Rigs to heavy-duty oilfield equipment. Our "Bed Trucks" are 385" and 360" and are capable of "off Highway" work and especially useful on locations with soft ground surfaces or in severe weather situations.

Pile Base has its own trucks to transport Piling Material and Rental Equipment to and from job sites. We also work with numerous other Trucking Companies to assist them with their duties and often we hire several different Contractors to help us when the need arises.

All of our equipment is outfitted with the latest GPS technology that allows our Dispatch Center to constantly monitor each unit. This Safety feature enables us to have consistant communications with all of our units no matter where in North America they are, even where there is no cellular coverage. Our operators are never really alone even in the remotest locations they must deliver equipment to and from.

Wheeler Service

Our Wheeler Service is second to none, our main Operator  has been with Pile Base over 12 years and his safety record is one of the best in the business. The current Wheeler/ Lowbed combination consist of 40 wheels and is mostly used to transport Service Rigs and Oil Field Service Equipment weighing up to 90,000 lbs around during the seasons when seasonal Load Limit Restrictions or "Road Bans" are in place. The 36' working deck on this Lowboy some what restricts the size of Compressor Buildings we have been able to transport. We are currently awaiting the build and delivery of a 48 Wheel Lowboy with a 40' working Deck. This Trailer will be equipped with a " Live Roll" and a Hydraulic Deck making it capable of switching from Low Bed to a Flat Deck.

We also have a 10' wide x 53', 16 wheel Flat Deck when used with a combination of Boosters and Jeeps makes it capable of hauling loads up to 140,000 lbs.

Bridge Building

Through the years, Pile Base has built hundreds of oilfield and municipal bridges. With our small Cats and Track Hoes we can even do the dirt work to prepare the access approachs to these Bridges. Again the same crews that man the Pile Driving Crews are responsible for building and constructing them. Our crews can build a complete bridge or prepare the Abutments for rental Bridges. The largest we have installed being an 80' Single Span for Burlington Resources originally installed on Rose Creek and later moved to another location north west of Whitecourt.


We have a well maintained inventory of Well Site Units or Engineer Shacks, Pipe Racks and Rig Matting in 8' x 40' and 8' X 16' sizes.

Pile Base also maintains an inventory of welders, bobcats, small Caterpillar tractors, backhoes and track hoes.

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