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By: Drayton Valley Church Of God  09-12-2011
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Drayton Valley Church of God


Youth Events Coming Right Up: SEPTEMBER

  •        what fruit punch really means! 
  • 30  TBA  Stay tuned..  

  All youth, ages 12 to grade 12, are welcome!  And by all means,
bring your friends - The more the merrier!

Hi everybody!  Pastor Shelley here, just giving you the what's what. 

The teen years are a part of your life that have GOT to be used!  You have so much potential to change the world NOW!  So don't wait for later, pick your friends up off the couch and come join us for some times of challenge and some times of fun.  Let's live life to the fullest with Jesus Christ!  Let's do it together and let's start yesterday!!! 

So what's all this about Jesus???

     I know that most North Americans have heard something about Jesus, but often even those people who attend church don't really know what the big deal is about this Jesus character. 

     I'll summarize some of what the Bible says about Him.  God created humans, intending them to be able to talk and walk freely with Him.  Once sin (anything we do or fail to do that places a barrier between us and God) came into the picture, that relationship was never the same. 

     God sent Jesus, his one and only Son, to take the death penalty for our sins.  Jesus, fully God and fully man was innocent of all sin, but lovingly and willingly laid down his life to restore us to God.  Now, if we confess our sins and believe that Jesus Christ has done this marvelous thing, Jesus' righteousness (which means sinlessness, goodness, holiness) now stands for us, and our slates have been wiped clean! 

     We don't have to earn so much $, or do a certain # of good deeds, or climb Mount Everest - we simply have to have faith in Christ, and we are adopted into the family of God (the church) and we can approach the God who made us.  

     I'll stop there for now.  If you'd like to start reading about Jesus, grab a Bible, find the book of John, and read!  If you need someone to ask questions to, or even just talk to, I am available.  Give me a shout!

                             -Pastor Shelley

Pastor Shelley's information:

Married to: Nolan

Favourite Bible Verse: Zephaniah 3:17

Favourite colour: Blue

Favourite Sport: Rowing

Favourite food: Cookies'n Cream ice cream

Favourite hobby: Maybe..sewing? or playing Catan!

Passion in life: Knowing Christ and making Him known!

Church phone # (780) 542-5091

Cel # (780) 514-4145l

And yes, I have Facebook :)

Pastor Shelley with hubby Nolan

Let me tell you a litle about U-Turn.  This is a joint student ministry currently with the Church of God,

Alliance, Baptist, and Pentecostal churches in town.  We value the unity of believers.  We also know that many youth are friends at school but are in different youth groups.  So on Fridays, we have joint events which allow us not only to have great game possibilities, but also to gain a better picture of what God is doing among the youth in Drayton Valley. 

During the week, we have our own individual Bible studies and small groups.  Make sure you find out what your church has for you.  If you don't go to church, ask us to help you find a church home!

We, as youth leaders involved, think that this coming together, this time when we play and learn together, is a symbol of the unity we are to have as the people of God. 

So, let's get excited, because it's going to be a great year!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Keywords: church, Youth Events

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