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By: Ark Directional Services  09-12-2011

ARK Directional Services Inc.

is a full service directional drilling provider. What separates us from our competitors is that we do not require MWD operators on location! This alone translates to between

33 percent and 50 percent

cost savings on personnel charges to our clients!

Depending on the scope of work, we will typically only have one directional driller on location, with a rover supplied to operations where required. Utilizing un-manned MWD systems, our directional drillers are certified in Advanced Operation of Mud Pulse and EM MWD tools to manage the system from well to well.  An MWD tool service technician is required for initial set-up and service intervals only. Once the MWD Tool is set up in a Non-Magnetic collar, it has the ability switch from fully operational to a “sleep or hibernation mode” when not being used without requiring a tool technician on location. Full remote monitoring of the MWD system can also be employed for both survey and troubleshooting purposes via 3G or satellite technology.

An example of a typical “S” Well profile below highlights our advantage by using un-manned MWD technology:

  • Directional BHA is picked up prior to drilling out surface casing shoe
  • Survey Mode (typically survey on connection) utilized until KOP to monitor inclination & azimuth
  • Prior to KOP, the MWD tool is downlinked from Survey Mode to full MWD Mode (Toolfaces). No BHA trip required
  • Directionally drill to achieve targets (build, hold, & drop)
  • When targets are reached and the well is vertical again, the MWD tool is again downlinked back to Survey Mode. Again No BHA trip required
  • The result…TD well in less time and lower cost = safer operations
  • Also able to keep a higher WOB during vertical drilling operations due to full control of well path at all times

With a combined 15 years of experience in domestic and international well planning, our Well Planning Centre confidently provides our clients with numerous options to ensure targets are hit accurately and efficiently. As the well plan is the beginning of our service to the client, we take this step very seriously. Our Well Planning Centre works closely with the client prior to the well/project, and then ongoing from spud to TD to make certain that all mitigations are taken to stay on path. We offer the following well planning options to all of our clients:

  • Wellbore Trajectory Design
  • Torque & drag analysis
    • Including full Anti-Collision analysis
  • Drilling optimization
  • BHA Analysis
  • Survey management

ARK Directional Services Inc.

has developed long-term relationships with their MWD tool suppliers to utilize their un-manned MWD technology.  Depending on formations and depth of well, we will use either EM Technology (Electromagnetic Telemetry, MWD) or Mud Pulse Technology (Mud Pulse Telemetry, MWD).  Both systems operate with wireless remote monitoring with full control of the system.

ARK Directional Services utilizes

for our mud motor supply. A full range of sizes and configurations are available, along with Non-Mag collars, subs, shock subs, x-overs, jars, and stabilizers.

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