By: Ronwood Enterprises  09-12-2011

Our award winning menu

At Ronwood Enterprises, we not only promise to deliver exceptional service; we promise a pleasurable experience.

Our specialties include:

  • Dewax Programs
  • Pressure Test Pipelines
  • Isolation Packer Tests
  • Injectivity Tests
  • High Pressure Pumping
  • Heating Solvent
  • Packer/Abandonment inhibitors
  • Wax/Asphaltine dispersant
  • Methanol
  • Water/Methanol mix
  • 210 CFM Air Compressor Rental
  • Pigging Lines
  • Supply Fresh Water
  • Warm water 
  •  Hot Oiler

Our team of professionals will help you plan your procedures if needed. 
We strive to keep your costs as low as possible.We will answer any questions about our products and service.  Our goal is to keep our customers satisfied.
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Ronwood Enterprises Ltd offers consistently reliable customer service.