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By: Two Jack Farm  09-12-2011
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We have a limited space for horses to come for training. We offer starting of young horses, corrective and obedience training, and experience at the show and at home. Horses in training are provided the opportunities of quiet training at either Cochrane, Alberta or our Floyd, Virginia facilities as well as show experience in Eventing, Show Jumping, or Dressage across North America. Please contact Noel to tailor a program to your horse's individual needs.

Sales Horses

Our goal is to find the right job and the right home for all of our horses. With this goal in mind, we will provide the best situation we can to offer our horses a good home with the opportunity of a pension. If we are unable to provide this, we will do our best to connect owners and horses with someone that we feel will be able to provide the services required. Refer to the sales horse page for current sales horse offered.


The clinic setting is a very valuable training tool for both horse and rider. The clinic setting provides a highly concentrated and focused environment to be able to work through specific issues as well as provide tools to advance horses and riders skills. It creates an exciting environment filled with innovation, motivation and confidence. Noel is willing to work with organizers to tailor a clinic to the needs and desires of specific groups.

Coaching and Mentoring Riders

The competitive trail presents an abundance of forks in the road. While exciting, this can also be daunting and discouraging. The aid of an able coach to advise and direct you along a chosen path is invaluable. Providing instruction and guidance in a clear, concise and confident manner is our goal. Please contact Noel for pricing, schedules and availability.

Human Performance Enhancement and Mental Skills Training

Hours in the saddle, the best of vet and farrier care, a well-crafted management and training program are the foundations of top performances. To build on that foundation and ensure that athletes are mentally fit and competing at their peak, we offer mental skills sessions ranging from short, individual consultations through to multiple-day intensive group clinics. Please contact us to discuss some options that might suit you or your group best.

Keywords: Horses, Human Performance Enhancement, Performance Enhancement, Skills Training,