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By: The Traffic Ticket Expert  09-12-2011
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Traffic Charges are divided into three basic sections.


Section 1. Serious charges called "Part 2's".

You receive a pink ticket from the Police, which requires a "Court Appearance" by the accused or an agent. There is no fine listed in the voluntary payment box. Fines are given by the Commissioner, in court and penalties can range from a fine, to a license suspension, or imprisonment. The fines can range from $1 to many thousands. There are also demerit points assigned to most of these charges, the more serious the charge, the greater number of demerit points attached to it. Part 2's include but are not limited to Driving While Suspended, Hit and Run, Careless Driving, Stunting, and speeds over 50 kph over the limit.                                                                                                                 

Section 2. Less serious charges are called Part 3"s.

These tickets are yellow in color, and have a voluntary payment fine shown on the face of the ticket. An accused has the choice of paying these without going to court, and receives the demerit points assigned to that of fence when a guilty plea has been entered (fine paid). These charges include speeding, red & yellow lights, stop and yield signs, improper turns, lane changes, and other moving of fences. There are demerit points assigned to these tickets.                                                                                                     

Section 3. Administrative Charges                                                                                      

These charges are on yellow tickets, carry no demerit points, just a voluntary payment fine. These charges can range from a few dollars to several hundreds, and some can be recorded on your driving record, but without points attached. These charges can be, but are not limited to: No Drivers License, No or Expired  Vehicle Registration, Fail To Produce Registration, Valid Insurance or Drivers License, Equipment Violations and many more.                                                                                                                    

What I can do for you:                                                                                                  1.

Review your ticket for mistakes. It is amazing the number of fatal errors the police make when writing a ticket. Most mistakes are only obvious to the trained eye.                          


Request Disclosure from the courts, which allows me to evaluate the police evidence, and determine if there is sufficient to gain a conviction                                                                                                                  


Evaluate the clients driving history to determine how  willing the Crown will be to negotiate, should there be a strong chance of conviction.                                               


Recommend, and provide a Defensive Driving Course for the client, should the seriousness of the charge, or the clients previous driving record indicate a change of attitude is required.                                                                                                 


Negotiate with the First Appearance Crown on Part 3 Of fences, to obtain "No Demerits"  and\or lesser fines, and\or less serious charges.                                                           


Set Trials for Part 2 Of fences, and negotiate with the Trial Crown assigned to the case for "No Demerits", and\or lesser charges, and fines.                                                      


On very serious charges, where a license suspension or imprisonment is a probable result of a conviction, speak with the court on the clients behalf seeking alternative penalties. This requires experience and a knowledge of the charge, the client, the circumstances, and the court officials to have any chance of success.                             


Negotiate lower fines for Administrative Charges, and Photo tickets.                            


Arrange for a lengthier "Time to Pay" once resolution has been agreed to.                 


To listen to the client, and comply to their wishes on all resolutions.                        


If all negotiation fails to bring resolution, run the Trial. (rarely happens)

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Keywords: fences, police, ticket

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