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By: Cochrane & Area Humane Society  09-12-2011

Over the years we have reunited many people with their pets long after they had given up hope of ever finding them. Often older pets find themselves suddenly disorientated when they have lost their owners in a state of confusion because their senses are not as keen anymore.

A seventeen-year-old cat that was lost in Calgary two months prior to being found in Bearspaw, was brought to us in Cochrane. We successfully traced her tattoo to her loving family where they rushed out to claim her that very afternoon - in a state of shock!

One March we reunited a thirteen-year-old, blind and deaf, female Shepherd with her family after being lost for the entire month in the terrible cold.

Let's remember that as our pets creep into those senior years their senses do deteriorate and they are counting on us to look out for their best interest. Always make sure that your pets are wearing some sort of identification, and be sure that older pets are not left unattended off leash. Lastly, whatever you do - DON'T GIVE UP! Follow the same steps to find an older pet as you would a young pet; do not assume that they are dead just because they are old or because time has lapsed since they initially went missing.

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