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By: Bike Bros  09-12-2011
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A large part of Bike Bros. continued growth and popularity is our service department. The downside is this: Good bike mechanics don't grow on trees. Good bike mechanics who are a pleasure to deal with are as rare as polka-dotted diamonds. We don't hire to fill vacancies, we hire whenever we're presented with exceptionally talented, nice, pleasant people.

Why am I babbling about staff in the middle of the service page you ask. Well, we have a limited number of these awesome service people so we have a limit to the amount of service we can do. We book appointments so we don't need to rent a warehouse to store all the bikes that would be waiting for service if we didn't do appointments.

Please don't bring us bikes from MalWart, Rondon Drugs, CaJun Tire etc. These bike-shaped objects probably didn't work when they were new, the parts are all disposable quality and will never operate safely or reliably. I'm am truly sorry, but our sanity is at stake, and the legal liability of sending you out on a repaired, yet unsafe bike isn't worth it.

Tire Pressure

Tires are the easiest maintenance item on a bike. Tires will lose pressure over time. If you haven't ridden your bike in a while - you will certainly have to add some air. Look on the side of your tires - there will be a recommended max. pressure and perhaps even a recommended pressure range. As a very general rule, for riding on paved roads, keep tires close to maximum pressure, for off road riding stay in the lower range of recommended pressure.

Kids always have problems with flat tires. Either they skid through tires or ride their bikes with underinflated tires and hit curbs or cracks and cause pinch flats. Keep kids tires at max all the time!

Chain cleaning & lube

Bike mechanics see it all the time. The chain with thick black grunge dripping off it. It makes us cringe. Every time you lube a chain you should first clean it. At very least, use a cloth and wipe off the old dirty oil. At most, use a chain cleaning device or remove the chain and use some sort of solvent to dissolve old oil. ****ONE NOTE**** If you're going to go all out and clean your chain, you either have to blow off the chain with compressed air or give it time for the solvent to evaporate. Reinstalling and relubing a chain that still has solvent inside the rollers defeats the purpose.

Derailleur Hangers

Most modern bikes with derailleurs have the rear derailleur mounted to a derailleur hanger. The hanger is a sacraficial part that can bend relatively easily if the rear derailleur is hit, leaned on, knocked etc. If your bikes have been piled in the back of a truck or if you have recently had a fall on your bike and now your rear shifting isn't working well - look at your rear derailleur from behind. If your derailleur's pullies aren't parallel to your rear wheel - get your bike into a shop sooner than later. You need you hanger aligned.

Keywords: bike, Bike Mechanics