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By: Edmonton Skydive   11-04-2015
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Edmonton Skydive offers the absolute best first jump skydiving experience in the Edmonton area. Our process is introduce new jumpers to the sport with a tandem skydive. This enables first time jumpers to experience all aspects of skydiving (exit, freefall and parachute descent) in a safe, controlled and fun environment. Our perfect safety record is reflective of our high standards: for our instructors, procedures, training methods and gear. All of our instructors are full time skydiving professionals, with thousands of skydives and are fully certified by the CSPA and and the Fédération Aéronautique Internationale (FAI). They’ve dedicated their lives to skydiving and their thousands of skydives are reflective of their dedication to the sport. We use state of the art equipment which we replace with brand new gear every two to three years. Student Operations / Skydive License Edmonton Skydive has the strongest new skydiver training program in Western Canada. According to the CSPA, we’ve trained more student skydivers than any other skydive center in Western Canada, and second most in the entire country. We train new skydivers using the most progressive freefall training program in the world, Accelerated Freefall (AFF). We no longer support the “Instructor Assisted Deployment” (IAD) training program as we consider it a very archaic method of skydive instruction. We use the AFF program because our goal is to ensure that you progress as quickly and efficiently as possible, in the safest environment. Experienced Skydivers Edmonton Skydive is an adult’s playground, and by far the most progressive, innovative and fun place to skydive in Canada. Every year, we bring in several world champions and record holders to host training camps for local jumpers. We have one of the most jam-packed events calendars for fun jumpers, and most importantly, we foster a fun jumping and apres-jumping vibe. We also have awesome load organizers on almost every weekend during the summer. We have a dynamic fun jumper crowd. Whether you’re looking to do some wingsuiting, head down, formation skydiving or swooping, there will always be someone stoked to jump with you. Our DZ does tend to draw a younger group of fun jumpers that are dedicated to charging hard and are focused on serious skydiving progression. We’ve sent more of our own trained skydivers to be part of national teams over the past five years than any other skydive centre in Alberta. Our massive swoop pond is a major attraction for swoopers. We have some of the best canopy pilots in the country; our jumpers make up the largest contingent of the Canadian National Canopy Piloting team. Plus, our swoop pond is right next to the hangar so no need for excessive walking or arranging transportation just to get back to the packing area.

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