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By: Pettibon System  09-12-2011
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Our instruments, rehabilitation equipment, and mobilizing components are research-tested. Their enhancement is ongoing. And in this technology era where new information is growing exponentially, we're dedicated to creating new instruments and equipment that continually advance Pettibon practitioners' ability to achieve predictable spine and posture correction.

We bring the same level of excellence to our New Patient Paperwork—patient forms and aids and clinic management documents.

For more information about any of our products, including prices and quotes on shipping and handling charges, please contact us:

Tel: (888) 774-6258
Fax: (800) 738-4266

We cannot sell to the general public, so please do not contact the office to order products. Contact your chiropractor for pricing and ordering.

If you help us find a direct, indirect, or contributory infringer of our patented instruments and rehabilitation equipment, you will receive a financial reward for this information.

  • A direct infringer is anyone who makes, sells, or uses a ‘knock off’ of our patented instruments and rehabilitation equipment.
  • An indirect infringer is anyone who actively encourages another to make, sell, or use a ‘knock off’.
  • Anyone knowingly selling or supplying a ‘knock off’ for which the only use is in connection with our patented instruments and rehabilitation equipment is considered a contributory infringer. (Yes, this means chiropractors knowingly selling and supplying their patients with ‘knock offs’.)

Please call (888-774-6258) with your information. Your help is greatly appreciated!

Sharon Freese-Pettibon, President

The Pettibon System, Inc.

Keywords: Financial Reward

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Discs can be herniated-the outer ring weakens and may tear causing the gel-like inner portion to bulge outward-putting pressure on nearby nerves resulting in pain and dysfunction. Now think about the lives that we lead: sitting for too many hours in a car commuting, working at a computer, watching TV, or playing video games. Sitting increases spinal stress by 35% compared to standing and 50% compared to lying down.


Pettibon System - proven spine and posture correction - brochure

Written in a direct, personal style, it will attract, intrigue, inform and persuade readers to the benefits of The Pettibon System and their treatment with you as a Pettibon practitioner. The Pettibon Weighting System Specially designed head, and hip weights are a key component of The Pettibon System. Studio photos Show how the Pettibon System products help patients regain their posture.