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By: Dr Elizabeth Lourens Medical Aesthetics  09-12-2011
Keywords: Botox, Muscles, wrinkles

How Botox Works:

Botox® injections work to relax the muscles that create wrinkles, thereby lessening the appearance of frown lines, laugh lines and crow's feet - wrinkles that occur with overuse of facial muscles. The use of Botox will also ‘retrain’ the muscles where it is injected, preventing overuse of those muscles, hence also preventing wrinkles from forming.
Your face will still be capable of expression and you will still look like you - just smoother!

What to Expect:

At your initial appointment, you will have a consultation with Dr. Lourens, during which time she will listen to your concerns and examine your skin in relation to your muscle movements and let you know how much product you will need in order to achieve the best, most natural result. During the procedure, several tiny injections of a very small amount of BOTOX® mixed with saline will be injected into these predetermined areas. The needle used to administer BOTOX® is so fine in gauge, most people do not feel any discomfort at all during the procedure.

Once your treatment is done, you are free to resume your regular schedule, with no down time at all!

How long will the Botox last?

Results are seen in 3-7 days, and maximum results are achieved in 7-10 days; these results will last approximately 4 months.

Keywords: Botox, Injections, Muscles, wrinkles

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Canmore Medical Aesthetics - Bio-identical hormones, Botox, Fillers, Skin Care - medicalBotox

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