By: Cost-it  09-12-2011
Keywords: Estimating

Do your estimates take days?

Do you spend endless hours pricing homes and not get the job?

Do your custom plans have to be sent out for quotes before you are comfortable giving a final price?

Do you wish you could analyze competitor products in just minutes?

THEN - you need COST-IT ! The Revolutionary New Estimating System for Home Builders. 


While manual estimating methods require days to complete and current estimating programs take hours and hours, COST-IT takes just minutes to provide a reliable home estimate.


State-of-the-Art Marketing Tool

With COST-IT you have a program which can be used in your sales centers to invite perspective purchasers to spend time investigating the effects of home style, size and features on its price.

Easy to Operate and Maintain

Accurate Cost Control

With COST-IT all prices are broken down into unit rates provided by your trades and suppliers.  COST-IT's formulas are then tailored to your construction and payable procedures which ensures that prices quoted during the tendering process remain constant regardless of the home plan.

Take a Journey Through Our System

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Home Estimation System

Keywords: Estimating