Big Eagle Water Services

By: Big Eagle Services  09-12-2011
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Water Services

Big Eagle’s Water Truck service is used to supply water to drilling rigs and Big Eagle Hydro-Vac units in the field. Their large fleet of custom-designed, dependable water trucks enable faster loading times and more efficient delivery of service.

Each Big Eagle Water Truck contains 100-110 barrel tanks, with hydraulic-driven 4" Bowie pumps and a rear spray bar for dust control. All water handling equipment installed on Big Eagle’s water trucks are mounted with hot boxes or heated cabinets to prevent freezing during winter work.

Water Bulkers

Big Eagle provides a new fleet of Water Bulkers designed to service the completions and production departments involved with shallow gas.

Their fleet of Water Bulkers are cutting-edge power units pulling 38m3 aluminum tri-axle trailers. They can also provide straight tank trucks pulling quad pup units for a 50m3 capacity or Super B trailers at 64m3. All units are equipped with heated pumps and plumbing to get the job done, regardless of weather conditions.

Although Big Eagle can deliver production fluid to storage tanks, they also offer Trailer Frac services, whereby fracing fluids can be delivered on location directly from their trailers. They have years of experience with this practice and also handle after-frac and after-coil clean out disposal of fluids to disposal locations.

Fluid Hauling

Big Eagle Services is pleased to provide water bulkers for the transport of various oilfield fluids. Their fleet of water bulkers is comprised of first and second generation tractor-trailer combinations for production applications.

Big Eagle’s first generation fleet of water bulkers is comprised of 2005 Western Star tractors pulling Heil tridem trailers capable of an on-site lease capacity of 38m3 and highway capacity of 30m3. Their second generation equipment includes Western Star tractors pulling Stephens triaxle trailers.

Water Services

First generation equipment was designed with well completion (fracturing) in mind. Additionally, all of Big Eagle’s trucks were engineered to be compatible with this use. Each truck comes with 2" x 4" frac valves, isolation lines off the load deck for quick unload or flow access into frac blenders, and other specialized equipment. All trucks are equipped with a 4" bowie pump and at least 100 feet of load hoses. All the tractor units have heated work boxes that encase the pump system to eliminate winter freezing issues.

Second generation equipment was designed to keep in mind specialized fracture programs and dangerous goods hauling. Second generation triaxle trailers are all manufactured by Stephens manufacturing and trailers are coded to 407 spec standards. Each trailer is conical in design and has 2 compartments. The Stephens trailers come with 4" x 4" frac valves and 100 feet of load hoses. An adaptable manifold can be attached at client’s request that enables flow through frac blender rates of 5m3 per minute. The second generation units provide services such as oil hauling, blowback removal to disposal, methanol frac fluid hauling, inhibitor delivery and Potassium Chloride for various applications.

Service Divisions

Water Benefits

  • Dependable equipment.
  • Faster loading time.
  • Modern fleet of units complete with new rig shacks for operators to live on-site.
  • Operators are fully trained in the proper use of our equipment and safety procedures.

Fluid Blends

As a sub service to frac operations Big Eagle also markets fluids and fluid blends to shallow gas clients.

The size of Big Eagle’s fleet enables them to service both large projects and multiple smaller ones while maintaining outstanding customer service and quality control.

All units are equipped with GPS tracking to assist in dispatching the closest unit to our clients.

Fluid Accompaniment

To enhance the service to their clients, Big Eagle Services added an oil field fluids accompaniment to the Production division. Big Eagle Services currently sells methanol in various percentages for fracturing and to stimulation and production clients. Furthermore, Big Eagle mixes various blends of KCL (potassium chloride) for well kills or specialty fracs.

Whatever your fluid hauling needs… Big Eagle is ready to deliver.

Keywords: Dangerous Goods, Fluid Hauling, Water Services, Water Truck

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