Big Eagle Nitrogen Services

By: Big Eagle Services  09-12-2011

Big Eagle provides a specially constructed fleet of state-of-the-art flameless nitrogen pumping units designed for process, pipeline and downhole applications. Each unit is operated and managed by some of the most experienced personnel in the field.

Fully Equipped

Each Big Eagle nitrogen pump is equipped with fully computerized control systems providing precise pumping operations with up to the second readouts on pressure, temperature, rate and product levels.

By maintaining a fleet flameless nitrogen pump units Big Eagle can provide effective, safe and efficient solutions customized to meet its customers needs on any size project.

Benefits of flameless nitrogen trucks

  • Flameless heat source eliminates potential ignition source and harmful emissions. For use in environments where elimination of an open flame is preferred.
  • Ability to deliver rates from 2-75+ m3/min.
  • Temperature at discharge -20° to +85° Celsius.
  • Pressure capable up to 10,000 psi.
  • Larger product carrying capacity than traditional body mounted units (7300m3) with the capability of traveling during road bans with a reduced product load.
  • Control booth allows operators optimal and unobstructed control.

Nitrogen Transport

Big Eagle provides a fleet of nitrogen transport units specifically designed to support our various process, pipeline, and down-hole pumping operations. Each unit is designed with pressure build, or hydraulic pump off capabilities making them the perfect compliment to their nitrogen fleet.

Plant Shutdowns

Big Eagle has a specialized team of professionals dedicated to process and pipeline nitrogen applications. Whether it is a small vessel purge or a complete plant turnaround, Big Eagle’s Process and Pipeline Group can put together a cost effective approach to any project. They have the people, equipment and experience necessary to tackle every project, regardless of size, in a manner that is safe, efficient, cost effective and timely.

Big Eagle offers nitrogen pumping units with flameless heat recovery for use in environments where open flame methods are not appropriate. These nitrogen units are designed specifically for the servicing of refineries, chemical plants, pipelines, and other ideal situations where ignitable product is involved.

Big Eagle’s specialized team is also very experienced in the accelerated cool down of sulphur beds, and have successfully completed many projects of this calibre throughout Western Canada, always making it their goal to keep projects as cost efficient as possible for the client. Utilizing state-of-the-art flameless nitrogen pumpers, in combination with their operational expertise, you will see that Big Eagle works hand in hand with clients to complete projects as safely, efficiently and timely as possible.

Other products and services from Big Eagle Services


Big Eagle Steam Services

Big Eagle provides its customers with dependable and professional Steam Truck services, operated by professionally trained and skilled operators, certified for safe work procedures, hazard recognition and assessment, and safe driving procedures. Big Eagle’s Steam Trucks are used to steam and wash equipment, buildings, well heads and can also be used for any other application that might require steam or wash services.


Big Eagle Water Services

Although Big Eagle can deliver production fluid to storage tanks, they also offer Trailer Frac services, whereby fracing fluids can be delivered on location directly from their trailers. Big Eagle provides a new fleet of Water Bulkers designed to service the completions and production departments involved with shallow gas.


Big Eagle Coil Tubing Services

Coil-Tech, a division of Big Eagle Services, specializes in providing the most advanced coil tubing services to the oil and gas industry in Western Canada. With years of experience and knowledge, their team delivers the most effective shallow and intermediate coil tubing procedures available today. All of their equipment has the latest safety features available to ensure the highest level of safety and quality control possible.


Big Eagle BOP / High Pressure Testing

They can service cement squeezes, formation integrity tests and leak off tests as well as have a skid unit for performing remote jobs with the capability of 70,000kpa pressure. Big Eagle’s line of 5 tonne high pressure BOP testing trucks are equipped with mechanical or electronic pressure recording capability. Their 2 - 5 tonne pressure trucks are equipped with 2 or 4 wheel drive and have the hauling capacity of 3,000 - 6,000 litres.


Big Eagle Hydro-Vac Services

Each Big Eagle Hydro-Vac unit is complete with a dual compartment tank, one for water and one for waste, a high pressure wash system, a boiler for winter applications and an overhead boom to make maneuverability of 8" and 10" hoses easier and quicker. The industrial and petroleum industries place tremendous importance on safety and the integrity of the underground infrastructure and use Big Eagle’s Hydro-Vac services prior to machine excavation.


Big Eagle Services

Experienced throughout British Columbia, Alberta and Saskatchewan, we have taken our field experience and applied it to specialized, custom-designed equipment and technology to meet our customers’ industry needs. At Big Eagle we provide our customers with the highest quality of service using dependable, high-performance equipment. We have over 450 units operated by professionally trained and skilled operators.


Big Eagle Vacuum Services

By maintaining a large fleet of tandem axle and tri-axle trucks, Big Eagle is able to provide numerous truck feature combinations to meet customer’s project size and field service needs including: quad semi-trailers, flotation tires or tire pressure control system.