Big Eagle Hydro-Vac Services

By: Big Eagle Services  09-12-2011

Big Eagle’s Hydro-Vac service is based on a combination of water-blasting and vacuum power to provide non-destructive excavating of buried pipes, lines and other structures.

Each Big Eagle Hydro-Vac unit is complete with a dual compartment tank, one for water and one for waste, a high pressure wash system, a boiler for winter applications and an overhead boom to make maneuverability of 8" and 10" hoses easier and quicker.

Water from the Hydro-Vac is pressurized and delivered through a handheld wand to loosen the soil. The resulting slurry (composed of water and earth) is sucked up in a debris hose by the powerful vacuum system and stored in the truck’s debris tank. From this process, a once buried structure (e.g. pipe, cable, line) is now visible and can be safely identified and repaired as required.

Big Eagle Services is a leading industry stakeholder setting the industry standard for ground disturbance and Hydro-Vac exposure procedures. We advise ERCB, NEB, OH&S and other regulatory bodies on best practices for the industry. Big Eagle is the first company to be 100% standardized using IRP 17 Best Practices for Ground Disturbance and we maintain this Ground Disturbance “Code of Practice” as required by IRP 17 2009 (industry recommended Best Practice for Ground disturbance).

We have specialized procedures for exposure of new types of structures including flexpipe, polycomposite fiberglass and plastic materials. By request from the ERCB, we performed joint engineering tests on flexpipe and determined the industry standards for this type of product.

Big Eagle personnel continue to receive internal training for Ground disturbance Level II certification.

Industrial, petroleum & Utility Applications

The industrial and petroleum industries place tremendous importance on safety and the integrity of the underground infrastructure and use Big Eagle’s Hydro-Vac services prior to machine excavation.

For plant and facility maintenance, Big Eagle’s Hydro-Vacs provide peace of mind when excavating around high pressure lines in tight, congested areas. During new construction and installations Hydro-Vacs are used to expose pipeline crossings of conflicting facilities.

Hydro-Vacs are used for numerous applications including: fibre optic test holes, trenching for cable installation, piling holes, culvert cleanouts, catch basin cleanouts, mud spot cleaning at switches, diamonds, crossings and approaches to bridges, and debris removal.

Utility & Pipeline Applications

Big Eagle’s Hydro-Vac service supplies utility companies and contractors with new ways to save money and improve safety in the utilities industry.

When compared to hand excavation, Hydro-Vacs are recognized as a safe and efficient alternative to excavate miles of underground pipes, cables and wires in hard-to-reach locations in congested urban areas.

In the utilities industry Big Eagle’s Hydro-Vacs have been used for applications including: directional drilling test holes for trenchless technology, cathodic anode installation on watermains, culvert and manhole cleanouts and curb-box water valve repairs. In addition, Hydro-Vacs compliment and assist backhoes in many trenching applications, providing the operators with a clear line of sight to the buried underground lines.

Big Eagle is fully trained and certified by all utility companies in the proper use of bonding mats for Hydro-Vac excavation on live under ground power lines.

Custom Designed Hydro-vacs

Big Eagle applies its field experience to the design and manufacturing of each Hydro-Vac unit, by working closely with customers to meet their demands and changing industry needs. Through strict quality control and supervision at every stage of the manufacturing process, Big Eagle achieves new technology advancements in each Hydro-Vac unit to ensure that every unit delivers the highest level of production available to their customers.

A variety of Hydro-Vac unit combinations are available to meet various project size and field service needs including: single-axle, tandem-axles, tri-axles, tandem to tandem and a mini Hydro-Vac mounted on a uni-mog chassis for all-terrain work. All Big Eagle Hydro-Vac units are available with flotation tire capabilities.

Big Eagle provides customers with dependable and professional service by supplying Hydro-Vac units operated by professionally trained and skilled field service operators, certified for safe work procedures, hazard recognition and assessment and safe driving policies.

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