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By: Zinware  09-12-2011
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Customized Software for Pension Plan Members

  • Web-based actuarial software that lets your employees examine their defined benefit (DB) pension plan benefits.
  • Customized – for your pension plan and to the look and feel of your online communications.
  • In-depth analyses – including early retirement, termination, supplemental employee retirement plan (SERP), taxable amounts, beyond a mere pension estimator.
  • Application is hosted, so there is no infrastructure costs.
  • White label versions.
  • Can tie in to your pension data.

RetireWare Millennium Retirement Planning Tool

ZinWare can provide your employees with valuable insights for understanding the value of their pension plan, and deciding on their best option. This information can integrate seamlessly with RetireWare Millennium, a Web-based retirement planning application that considers personal goals, other investments and the pension options and income calculated using ZinWare. This way, your employees can get a full picture of their future within a few minutes from a common portal.

Other Products

We have a wide-ranging product portfolio available to customize to meet your objectives. Give us your business issue or objective and we will create for you the user interface and calculation model with a look and feel that integrates seamlessly with your online experience.

We provide end-to-end solutions: user interface design, development, project management and hosting. Our advantage: we use the expertise of actuaries passionate about technology that specialize in developing mathematical models for retirement and financial planning problems.

Our cost-effective outsourced model means no custom development projects tying up large internal and external resources and no infrastructure costs. This results in a high return on investment for your organization.


All our products are built using the latest version of the Microsoft .NET framework. Products use AJAX technology, which makes it possible to present content with minimal use of page refresh. The elimination of most round trips to the server allows for a more efficient use of server resources. More importantly, it greatly enhances the user experience because AJAX Web applications reproduce the behaviour, look and feel of desktop software.

Contact Information

  • Bill Gooden, FSA, FCIA
  • (403) 263-5027
  • [Canadian western provinces and U.S.A]
  • Marc Des Rosiers, FSA, FCIA
  • (416) 628-3743
  • [Ontario, Québec and Maritimes]

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