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The premise of the workshop is that the more centered we are in our bodies, the more creative we can be in our writing.  Carolyn is a walker, and is outdoors every day as part of her centering ritual.  I do Tai Chi daily, outdoors preferably.  We both use prayer and meditation practices to center, and have found many other commonalities.  It’s a privilege for me to work with Carolyn, whom I have long admired as an author and activist.  If you wish to be re-inspired, and want to learn techniques that can break through writer’s block in the future, COME!

Greg Habstritt emphasized in his first free video about becoming a successful entrepreneur, that you had to KEEP IT SIMPLE.  The most frequently used word from readers of my book Your Invisible Bodies is that it is SIMPLE.  That will become part of my new brand when the third printing comes out.

Since my book is being prepared for another print run, I have the opportunity to update it.  Lisa Arsenault, my current graphic designer, has located a great photograph of an apple with the cut showing the star-shaped core.  She suggested I add text to the page.  After <30 hours of reflection, here is the new text.

The first time I saw the star inside an apple, I was surprised.  I was an adult and had always sliced an apple from the stem down.  I had no idea that if you cut an apple across the middle, you would see the core in the shape of a star. 

This showed me that when I do the same action over and over again, without thinking of other possibilities, I don’t learn anything new.  To cut the apple crossways is to think differently.  Testing a different possibility always brings new learning. 

Besides, the beauty of an apple is not its outer appearance.  You have to bite into it and eat it  to receive its goodness.  What is inside a living thing matters more than its outside.  It is the whole apple that feeds us.  The next time you eat an apple, pay attention to it and be grateful. 

My graphic designer, Kathy Lycka, has worked long and hard preparing Your Invisible Bodies for a third printing.  On Friday I sent the files to Lightning Source Inc., a print-on-demand publishing company in Tennesee.  It is connected with Ingram Books, and will arrange distribution plus uploading the book to Amazon, either hard copy or e-book.  So I’m excited to take this next step. 

I visited Wild Rose United Church last Sunday, meeting with parents of pre-schoolers after church.  They were curious about energetic healing, and asked a lot of questions.  I used a few exercises from my workshop so they could experience energy, and read parts of Your Invisible Bodies to them.  Fortunately I had a few copies of the second printing.  Betsy Young, the minister who invited me to speak, had the first edition of the book, so she was surprised to see how much more thorough the second edition is.  She and Linda Hunter, the other minister, joined in the discussion and shared some of their experiences sensing energy fields. 

When two mothers asked about buying copies, I suggested they wait until the third printing.  It should be completed soon, hopefully in time for the Healing Touch Association conference in Whitehorse at the end of the month.  We’ll see.  I have fewer than 20 copies left of the second edition, so it’s definitely time for more.

The content of the course was well suited to those new to energetic healing, but there was also new information for those who have had some experience.  This showed a great deal of preparation on the part of the presenter.  The teaching methods were varied and effective: lecture, discussion, group interaction, visual aids.  The interaction among the members of the group was encouraged and integral to the experience.  The physical activity in “wakening the body” was an excellent opener.  In conclusion, this was a wonderful workshop engaging the body, mind and spirit in investigating and embracing the concept of Energetic Healing.

On Sunday, Jan. 16, I’ll be at Self Connection Books on Bowness Road, to present a 4-hour workshop.  Understanding Ourselves as Energy Fields will incorporate ideas from my book Your Invisible Bodies and from Vicki Slater’s workshop on Physics for Spiritual Healers.  You can find out more at   or by emailing me.  This is a very low-cost event, $30 for individuals, $45 for couples, and children accompanied by an adult are free.  We will try various activities to experience energy and play with magnets.  Discussion and questions are what it’s about.  To register email me at .

Four of us will be at Our Angels Centre for Well-Being this Sunday, November 14, from 1-4.  Roger Joyeux, Helena Kalivoda, Tina Thrussell and myself will read from our books.  We’ll be open to any and all questions about our books, our process as writers, how we came to publish these books, and what do we really believe – ACTUALLY.  When we held a similar reading at the Nan Boothby library in Cochrane, we had a great night.  It’s always good when I hear my colleagues read from their books and express their thoughts in such an intimate setting.  Quite inspirational in fact.

Our Angels is at 2009 33rd Avenue S.W., in Marda Loop.  The store has lovely gifts including special treasures for your friend who adores angels.  They also serve a wide selection of herbal teas, so come.  Sip, listen, muse and respond.  We would love to see you.  FREE!

My mind has been whirling ever since taking Vicki Slater’s course Physics and Spiritual Healing for Healers.  It has been so helpful to think of human beings as electro-magnets.  This makes total sense.  In experimenting with small round magnets, I noticed this principle: when magnet A is repelling magnet B, the field holds steady for a time, but when B moves closer in, then A’s field dissolves and she clings very strongly to B.  Forgive me for anthropomorphising these magnets with a gender.  But it did make me think about how often a woman A will push B away for a time, but then changes when B moves closer.  What is that about, do you think?  Is it just that A isn’t strong enough? Or does she need to maintain her space and distance to keep her strength?  A magnet is not a person so doesn’t have the emotions to belong — does it?  I’m pondering this phenomenon.  Any comments?

1. Author Reading and Signing
Self Connection Bookstore, 4611 Bowness Road NW, Calgary
Saturday, October 16, 2:00 p.m.
Sharon will join other authors for Independents Day at Self Connections.  Readings from her book will be enhanced with the power-point version. Learn about your invisible bodies that house your feelings, thoughts and soul.  For children and adults. Questions welcomed.

2. Workshop: Understanding Ourselves as Energy Fields: a primer to Healing Touch
Knox United Church, 506 4th Street SW, Calgary

Saturday, October 23, 9:30 – 4:30
Experience activities and discussion about invisible bodies which house our feelings, thoughts and soul.  This workshop is designed for those who work with children and youth, and anyone curious about energy healing.  The CD version of Your Invisible Bodies is included in the registration cost of $50. To register contact me at
Cheques are made payable to Knox United Church and can be mailed to 2622 26 Street SW, Calgary, AB  T3E 2A9

3. Calgary Children’s Book Fair and Conference
Hillhurst Sunnyside Community Centre, 13 St & 5 Ave. NW, Calgary
Saturday, November 27,  10:00 – 4:00
I will be selling my book Your Invisible Bodies at this conference. I start the day with a 30 minute presentation about human energy fields.  Attend this family friendly event to discover a wide variety of children’s books.  Last year’s conference was a lot of fun.  There I met many wonderful authors, as well as parents and children.  If you give books as Christmas gifts, this is the place to buy them! Signed copies with personal dedications make the books even more meaningful for young recipients.

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Last year I invited other authors of spiritual books to join with me in selling our books at a reading at Knox United Church. The purpose of Growing Past the Edge is to support each other in marketing our books and to share information and resources. With these resources we are able to support each other in many aspects of the writing, publishing and marketing processes.


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I will be at Knox United Church on Saturday, October 23, to introduce youth leaders to the CD version of Your Invisible Bodies, and experience with them several exercises to conduct with children. This workshop will be useful for healing Touch practitioners, those who work with children and youth, and for anyone curious about energy healing.