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By: Your English Connection  09-12-2011

Clearly Written English Required
Even though you have been in your profession for many years, you still aren’t getting the accolades you know you deserve. Why? Not everyone can write at the same level English that they speak – including native English speakers. You have to present your findings to a colleague; you have a sales presentation or a board meeting. You’ve done the research and worked hard. Now it is time for someone else to learn just what you want them to know. When you write your paper, report, resume (cv), newsletter or article you want to make sure you are completely understood.Don't be judged by your writing ability. Be appreciated for your hard work.Knowing that clients, people in your field and/or above you fully understand your written work is imperative for business prosperity. Your English Connection provides the service*** to guarantee that people’s opinion of you is based on your abilities in your field and not on your writing skill.1) Your English Connection staff will review your work (sent in .doc Microsoft Word format) and make corrections regarding spelling, grammar and appropriate word choice. We will suggest replacement words or phrases without changing the perception of your words. In some specialty fields, certain words have different connotations than in general spoken English. Your English Connection endeavors to ensure that your work is clear for the intended audience.***All work done by Your English Connection is estimated or quoted hourly. Our hourly rate is $120 (Canadian dollars are quoted. Please see a monetary conversion site like XE {see link at bottom of page} for assistance.).Any information written to, shown to or spoken to Your English Connection employees is held in strictest confidence including any and all intellectual property. To ensure that only you are able to ask about your information, you will be given a YEC Client Number in your ‘Confirmation of Accepted Project’ email. This email comes to you before we begin work together. If you share this YEC Client Number with anyone, YEC is not held liable for discussing your information with whoever presents us your YEC Client Number.***Refund Policy:
+ A full refund for prepaid in-person or Skype classes will be made if the class is cancelled more than 24hours before the class is scheduled to occur.
+ Any prepaid presentation will be refunded if cancelled more than 10 working days before the presentation is scheduled to occur. However, any other costs incurred previous to cancellation that would have been the responsibility of the client, such as but not limited to hotel reservations, car rentals, airline tickets and media rental fees, will remain the responsibility of the client and will not be refunded by Your English Connection.
+ All other services will not be refundable after the client has seen and agreed to the “first page” of edited work as after the first page has been reviewed and accepted by the client, payment is made and the rest of the project is delivered. However, if the client finds that they are not fully satisfied with the edited work, Your English Connection will do everything reasonable to make adjustments to edited work where the client requests.

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Any and all expenses, including but not restricted to: business-class airfare, hotel accommodations in your city, transportation to and from the airport and your office or presentation space, and meals will be covered or paid by you in addition to any necessary presentation-related expenses (equipment rental, handout materials, etc.).



If at any time your instructor feels the words being used or subject matter are inappropriate, the connection will be terminated and no refund will be offered.3) Payment for an in-person class must be made at least 48 hours before your YEC instructor is scheduled to arrive.