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You have a proposal or lecture to present to colleagues. Maybe it’s a sales pitch to fund your new breakthrough product or idea. You’ve done the work. You know what you’re talking about because you’re an expert in this field or maybe you’re even the boss. What you aren’t sure of is whether you can give your speech, clearly and concisely, in the language that is second or third to you but is your audience’s mother tongue (the language they were taught to speak in childhood).Listening to someone speak a language that isn’t their mother tongue, is often a frustrating event for both the listener and the speaker. There are mispronunciations, incorrect verb tenses, rushed or mumbled words, improperly placed pauses, and poor word choice. The speaker can get anxious about whether their message is being understood. Whereas, the listener may be spending so much energy and focus on trying to understand the words (whether the speaker’s accent is strong or not), that they miss or misunderstand the main ideas in the presentation let alone the finer details.No one expects perfect English from you. And day-to-day, your verbal competency in the language isn’t a problem as you are a respected professional in your field. You know the book forwards and backwards – maybe you even wrote the book. Today, however, it would be best if your ideas were fully comprehended and no one could cast aspersions (say something against you) on you. Today, when you listen to criticisms or positive feedback about your presentation, you need to be sure that your audience is responding to your work and not to their guesses about what you said. You don’t want to stumble over words. You want smooth, clean, perfect English describing your ideas to everyone.This is where we come in. Your English Connection has professional, well-groomed, multi-faceted, experienced individuals that can assist you. We offer 3 different presentation services:1) We will edit and refine your information – for language only, not content. Then, you will present our polished version to your intended audience. 2) After you have approved our written edit of your work, we offer you a professional guide with whom you will practise your presentation. Your guide will help you to speak more comfortably, pause at the appropriate moments, and add or subtract some phrases to ensure your words are welcome and clear to the listener. This is an hourly service*** so you can practise as many times as you need.3) A Your English Connection professional will do the presentation on your behalf, after you have approved our written edit of your work. A YEC Presentation Specialist will come to your location, or be available through an online service like Skype, and present your material to your audience. You will stand beside our specialist, or our specialist can speak from the back of the room as you show visuals to the audience, as they describe your material in flawless English. All audience questions will be directed to you after the presentation so your knowledge and expertise will be obvious to all. YEC specialists are not there to steal the spotlight from you but merely to ensure the light shines on your work and not your imperfect English. 3a) A YEC Presentation Specialist may be available to come to your location outside of our home office range in Calgary, Alberta, Canada to present your material in person if an online presentation is not desired. Any and all expenses, including but not restricted to: business-class airfare, hotel accommodations in your city, transportation to and from the airport and your office or presentation space, and meals will be covered or paid by you in addition to any necessary presentation-related expenses (equipment rental, handout materials, etc.). This service is completely reliant upon your ability to coordinate with our specialist. Please contact us with your interest at least 6 weeks in advance to determine our availability and your needs for this personal service.***All work done by Your English Connection is estimated or quoted hourly. Our hourly rate is $120 (Canadian dollars are quoted. Please see a monetary conversion site like XE {see link at bottom of page} for assistance.).Any information written to, shown to or spoken to Your English Connection employees is held in strictest confidence including any and all intellectual property. To ensure that only you are able to ask about your information, you will be given a YEC Client Number in your ‘Confirmation of Accepted Project’ email. This email comes to you before we begin work together. If you share this YEC Client Number with anyone, YEC is not held liable for discussing your information with whoever presents us your YEC Client Number.***Refund Policy:
+ A full refund for prepaid in-person or Skype classes will be made if the class is cancelled more than 24hours before the class is scheduled to occur.
+ Any prepaid presentation will be refunded if cancelled more than 10 working days before the presentation is scheduled to occur. However, any other costs incurred previous to cancellation that would have been the responsibility of the client, such as but not limited to hotel reservations, car rentals, airline tickets and media rental fees, will remain the responsibility of the client and will not be refunded by Your English Connection.
+ All other services will not be refundable after the client has seen and agreed to the “first page” of edited work as after the first page has been reviewed and accepted by the client, payment is made and the rest of the project is delivered. However, if the client finds that they are not fully satisfied with the edited work, Your English Connection will do everything reasonable to make adjustments to edited work where the client requests.

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If you share this YEC Client Number with anyone, YEC is not held liable for discussing your information with whoever presents us your YEC Client Number.***Refund Policy: + A full refund for prepaid in-person or Skype classes will be made if the class is cancelled more than 24hours before the class is scheduled to occur.



If at any time your instructor feels the words being used or subject matter are inappropriate, the connection will be terminated and no refund will be offered.3) Payment for an in-person class must be made at least 48 hours before your YEC instructor is scheduled to arrive.