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By: Xscala Sound & Vibrations  09-12-2011

The real-time capability of PULSE means that there is the closest possible link between cause and effect. You see your analysis results instantaneously on-screen as they are measured, thus enabling you to validate your data immediately.

The multi-analysis side of PULSE means that you can perform FFT, 1/n-octave (CPB), order, and overall analyses simultaneously on the same or different channels/signals while displaying real-time results on screen.

Data Recorder

Multichannel Data Recorder Type 7708 provides recording of time data direct to a PC’s hard disk. Real-time data validation can be performed in the field while recordings are made.

Your PC is Your Analyzer! PULSE gives you the freedom to make measurements in the field and process your data wherever you want. PULSE makes your PC your personal analyzer by leveraging rapidly growing PC-processor performance for real-time signal processing. Using standard PC hardware and software, PULSE is easily upgraded with off-the-shelf components.

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Bruel & Kjaer and Endevco instruments and transducers requiring service and calibration and required to be shipped to the Bruel & Kjaer North American Service Center in Norcross Georgia. Return shipping from the service center charges are your responsibility and normally the easiest way to accommodate this is to indicate prepay and charge on the invoice.