By: Xpulse  09-12-2011

Today’s market demands that you control your drilling costs. You’re under pressure to reduce your non-productive time and do this with less people. To do this you need information. Better information. And more of it.

XPulse Survey on Connection® provides inclination, azimuth, and steering capability. When you need the toolface (steering) you turn on the switch and when you are finished, you turn it off. Money is saved by turning it off as you will only be charged when you use the tool.

Each system bears a small footprint on the site consisting solely of the doghouse display, unit and pressure transducer. The equipment is designed and installed to be left in place during rig moves and service.

In addition, remote assistance is standard on all systems allowing support staff to remotely troubleshoot and provide assistance to rig operators 24/7 at no additional charge.

This provides XPulse® the ability to analyze ongoing operations and support real-time immediately if necessary.

Other products and services from Xpulse


Survey Reports

The information is input into survey software and exported into whatever specific format the local regulatory body requires. The driller will provide our field staff with a list of all surveys recorded for the well. These are checked against both the tool and surface equipment files from the job. We are capable of producing Survey Reports for submission to regulatory bodies.



In particular, shales usually emit more gamma rays than other sedimentary rocks, because radioactive potassium is a common component in their clay content and because the cation exchange capacity of clay causes them to absorb uranium and thorium. This difference between in radioactivity between shales and sandstone/carbonate rocks allows the gamma tool to distinguish between shales and non-shales.


24/7 Command Center

The quality of remote service offered by the Command Center is intended to exceed that of a typical manned operation without the cost or risk of additional rigsite personnel. The Command Center is the 24/7/365 operational hub for Extreme Engineering™' s remote rigsite operations worldwide. Experienced staff provide continuous support to each Extreme service.


Real Time Support

Reactively we can respond to any questions or concerns with our direct toll free number 1-888-693-0247, and having the ability to see exactly what is happening onsite allows for nothing to be lost in translation. With this knowledge we can support your rig and make changes on the fly in real time to get the best performance from our tool. Real Time Support is provided by our Command Center both proactively and reactively.



For rigs already running the Pason EDR system, the XPulse® service can be integrated into Pason’s Directional System at no additional cost. The XPulse® data can be decoded, tracked, stored, and reported as native information in the Pason system. Enabling this service brings all the benefits of the Pason Directional System at no additional cost. This eliminates the need for additional surface equipment at the rigsite.