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By: Xcaret  24-02-2012
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In Xel-Há we maintain balance and harmony with our planet, that is why we invite all people to perform various activities both sporting and meditation, to create greater awareness of how we can help our incredible and unique earth. Abeja Maya Xel-Há Maya bee Xunaan-Cab CELEBRATING THE TRADITIONS In Xel-Há we want to transmit to new generations the importance and preservation of traditions as the Melipona beekeeping. That is why during the months of June and December of each year, Xel-Há performs the ceremony of the honey bee Melipona. This tradition dates from the pre-Hispanic times, and is conducted by a Mayan priest. Xel-Há promotes the rescue of an ancient tradition of the Yucatan Peninsula that has been weakened, and the Melipona bee is considered endangered.

Keywords: mayan ruins tours

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