window defogging

By: Window Wizard  18-05-2015
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We have all been told that windows are sealed units. However, this is not entirely true. Energy from the sun heats the small airspace between the window panes, resulting in expansion and the collection of moisture, known as the “greenhouse effect”. Once the window cools, it contracts and expels air, but the collected moisture is left behind. Silica pellets embedded in the window frame absorb all the moisture that becomes trapped between the windowpanes. Once these silica pellets become saturated the window fails, leaving visible moisture inside your window. How we restore your window We drill two small holes in the opposite corners of the window. This allows us to accomplish two things: 1. To clean in between the window panes 2. To install our patented micro filters for optimum moisture removal Our process removes both the visible moisture in your window, as well as all the moisture saturated in the silica pellets within the window frame which accumulates over several years. Once we install our patented micro filters, we reserve the miniature “greenhouse effect” within your window panes, this allows the moisture to escape through the micro filter. In addition, our micro filters also prevent any new moisture from entering the window. Once all the moisture is expelled through the micro filters (which may take up to 6 weeks), the window returns to its original integrity which fully restores the “R” value of the window, potentially resulting in energy savings.

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